January, the 30 day de-clutter

Now before we start I must credit A Thrifty Mrs for this idea as it isn’t my own.

So my life is full of STUFF. We are great collecters as regular readers will know, glasswear, Tupperware, Fisher Price toys, costume jewellery, handbags, dresses, garden tools, Coronation tins….all vintage of course. The list is endless.

Only some of my vintage brooches

Then there is our stock. We have a stockroom and a unit but all stock at some point comes through the house.

Then there is the kids toys. Anyone with children will know they have even more STUFF. Alot of it is random like my sons collection of conkers (thanks Grandma).

How many toys can 2 toddlers have?

Then there is the day to day STUFF that most people seem to have tonnes of like shoe polish. How can we have so much black show polish? I have never seen anyone in this house, other than me, ever clean their shoes!

Anyone for a storage jar?

Hence, the need for a 30 day de-clutter.  There is one rule though….nothing goes in the bin if it can go to a new home.

I had a warm up pre Christmas. I sorted approx 50 toys into a black bin bag along with a childs swing and Bumbo seat. None we need anymore, nor want anymore. This went to a nice lady on freecycle who collected as she had lots of kids coming over the festive period.

52 items gone.

Then I cleared through a small drawer of Kitty’s (yes only 1 drawer so far) and bagged up 10 old bibs and 5 pairs of tights. These have gone to the nursery she goes to, so they can be used for other younger babies.

67 items gone.

That was just the warm up. Today we start for 30 days. I am aiming to give away/de-clutter over 200 items. Why don’t you join me?

Loving that the box is labelled (in case no one knew what was in it)

First stop is the box of leads. Who the hell has this many leads? And what are they for? No one knows but if we throw one away you know it will be needed don’t you!

At the bottom of the box was 3 old mobile phones. Bingo! Straight onto a phone recycling site and I’ve earnt £18.

70 items gone, £18 made

That only took 5 minutes (it took longer to download the photo). Now for the cleaning cupboard.

I am a cleaning hoarder

Can you spot a theme? I seem to have 2 of everything: one almost empty and one half full. By consolidating I have thrown 6 items away (3 recycled).

Finally I have added 3 pairs of Herbie’s old  cotton pjs to the duster pile, freeing up space in his drawer but re-using them and saving money at the same time.

In total Day 1: 79 items gone or reused, £18 made.

Will keep you posted at the end of the week how many I’m up to. Mr YVL is going to LOVE this (he hates all the STUFF)


I love


  1. 6 January 2012 / 10:30 am

    This is a genius idea and something I should definitely, definitely do! Will be reading with interest – good luck! x

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