Beat the Monday Blues

Beat the Monday blues by checking out something or someone we love. Here at Your Vintage Life, we feel it is important to share great finds with you all as well as support local business.

So this Monday, I introduce to you the gorgeous notebooks from Retro from Scratch.


I first saw these amazing notebooks through following a link on Twitter. When I caught sight I straight away was shouting WANT, WANT, WANT! Then I remembered I didn’t need a notebook but I did need a diary. I casually tweeted to the owner and creator Becky, asking if she did diaries. She didn’t. But she would!

So then started the best customer service I have received in ages. She painstakingly designed the inserts taking time to get it just how I wanted it. She added special pages such as vintage conversion charts such as shillings to pounds which was a nice touch.

The just before Christmas it arrived. And this is it……

Gorgeous huh? Becky scours charity shops, car boots etc for old children’s books that are in need of a little tlc. She removed the spine (which is usually broken anyway) and adds rings.  Hey presto….gorgeous individual notebooks.

I bought this one too!

By day Becky is a trained archeologist who now works in a museum. So she clearly likes old stuff!

She sells on etsy and at fairs around London and Essex. For more details why not follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

The Pop Up Vintage fair

I love the old Ladybird books. We read them to our children and know there are a lot of battered versions out there. These make  such a lovely gift..infact I ended up buying more this Christmas. (If you are a friend of mine expect some this year!). They are beautifully made and well packaged.

One of Herbies favourites

The good pages within are not wasted either as Becky makes them into bunting.  I have some too but am not sure whether to give it up to the kids or store it away for when I eventually get an office! I love the nostalgic feel to it and lets face it…no one else will have it!

Vintage beer mat notebooks are also available. Perfect for the boys!

Here are some of my favourites.


I love


  1. 9 January 2012 / 1:50 pm

    These are wonderfully simple products. I noticed in Molly Makes magazine issue 6 some Ladybird book bunting made by Jenny Warner at , but she seems to use string rather than bias binding. My local carboot sale sells Ladybirds at 50p each so stocked up to try some craft ideas.

    • 9 January 2012 / 2:00 pm

      Thanks, let us know what you make!!! Only thing is…pleeeeeeease dont ruin a good version, only the battered ones. These are so precious and collactable!!! x

  2. 9 January 2012 / 9:09 pm

    Great products Becky. I always wondered what she did with the pages and now I know. Bunting!

  3. 11 January 2012 / 7:44 pm

    Oh these are amazing! I might have to try and make some Ladybird book bunting for my classroom. I’m sure the 16 year olds will love it as much as the 11 year olds…!

    • 11 January 2012 / 8:08 pm

      Hi, lovely isn’t it! Just remember broken books only!!! Kate

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