3 simple ways to style your cushions

You could say that I have a thing for cushions. It is OK to not have room to sit on a sofa due to all the plumped up cushions and throws, right? But how should you display them to create effortless style in your lounge and bedroom? I am such a matchy matchy kind of girl that it can be sometimes hard for me to not be perfectly symmetrical with my styling, but I am trying to relax about it and have some fun. I’ve even introduced some pom poms into the mix in the kids playroom. So to make this easy for you, I am sharing only three ways to style your cushions.

3 simple ways to style your cushions by Kate Beavis


Choose one colour scheme

Choose one colour that is prominent in your room then find cushions with different textures and patterns but keeping to the same colour scheme. So go for a stripe or chevron, add a knit, add one slightly more patterned such as a flower then fill the gaps with plain cushions.

3 simple ways to style your cushions by Kate Beavis

Choose two colours and add a patterned cushion

Now this is where people can get out of their comfort zone as I am suggesting more colour and pattern together. Go for a plain style in both of the colours, then add pattern which includes both colours. If you stick to this as a guide you really cannot go wrong.  I would only go for one pattern here and use this as your central cushion as your eyes will be naturally drawn here.

3 simple ways to style your cushions by Kate Beavis

Using white/natural to tie colours together

If you want a more adventurous look with colour, choose a few patterns ensuring they all have the same neutral undertone such as white or natural. Choose patterns that vary in size and shape so everyone contrasts slightly but doesn’t clash. Here these teal cushions all have a natural undertone throughout which acts as the tie.

3 simple ways to style your cushions by Kate Beavis

Everyone has a different view on how to actually position them – some people like them regimented in rows, some go for the more scattered approach. Whichever you choose, make sure you find feather cushions that you can plump it so they sit proudly. I look for these in charity shops where you can pick up a cushion inner for a few pounds, then I simply change the cover over.

These cushions are either vintage or from Hunkydory Home, Orla Kiely, Homesense and The Range.

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  1. Laina Freeman
    14 August 2017 / 5:34 pm

    I’m going to change my cushions around. Like the foursome arrangement- hadn’t thought of that one.

    • Kate Beavis
      15 August 2017 / 12:53 pm

      I now have so many cushions there is no room on the sofa! Good luck with it, Kate x

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