Four Ways Yoga Helps Your Menopause Symptoms That You Need To Know



I’ve been on a 4-day yoga retreat in Spain and all this yoga has reminded me how beneficial it has been for my menopause symptoms so I thought I’d share it with you.



Four Ways Yoga Helps Your Menopause Symptoms That You Need To Know

Number one: 

It helps you improve your flexibility, when we get our menopausal aching and just generally feeling rubbish, we tend to move less. Leading to inflexible joints. Gentle yoga will just help you to stretch out and be able to move better. Which is a good thing.


Number two: 

Listening to your body better. Yoga practice helps you to listen to your body more whether that’s psychologically or emotionally or physically, in all ways. When you’re busy, particularly when you’re a parent like me, you tend to not listen to how your body is feeling and what it’s trying to tell you. And when we stress we tend to ignore these symptoms. Again a gentle yoga practice just helps you tune in to how you’re feeling. I did yoga this morning and I realized how much stress I was feeling in my shoulders and also how much my head hurt. I noticed these things


Number three: 

It’ll help you get stronger we lose muscle mass as we age so again a nice gentle yoga practice just helps builds your core muscles as well as muscles all over your body.


Number 4: 

It’s a great way to spend time on you. Often when you’re perimenopausal the last person on your list is you! You might have kids, you might be caring for older relatives, or you’ve got your job. All these things going on. I know I’m definitely guilty of this. how are you going to feel better if you aren’t prioritizing yourself? And remember you can do yoga anywhere, you can do it in your bedroom, you can join a local class in the village hall, or you can come on a retreat. It’s up to you!


And if you’re new to yoga and worried about how you’ll feel, you’ll be in a room with like-minded people. And that’s great for your mind and soul.


Of course, it’s not going to get rid of all of your symptoms but these lifestyle changes can really help.


So go on, give it a try. And let me know if you’ve tried yoga and you found it helped with your mind and body.


If you are struggling with menopause, please visit your doctor to get help and support.



And to be clear I really don’t want to do this. I want to build ongoing relationships with brands. But my silence is what she’s banking on.



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