Finding A Way Through Fast Home Fashion

These days, a lot of attention is paid to fast fashion trends and the damage they can have on both our budgets and the environment. While it’s less commented upon, fast home fashion styles, too, tend to shift with every season, and those of us who are concerned with keeping up appearances typically buy into that trend without a second thought. Affordable home stores are especially guilty of shaking up their entire home decor sections every few months, pulling us in with entirely new trends that we’re certain we need to invest in to keep our homes hot.


Finding A Way Through Fast Home Fashion


Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a styling refresh every few months to keep your interiors from stagnating, and there’s no denying that browsing the new Dunelm homewares is one of life’s joys. But, buying brand new accessories every single time those styles switch simply isn’t sustainable. As such, many homeowners in recent years have looked for alternative ways to keep their home styling on the cutting-edge without buying into these fast home fashion trends. Here are the solutions that have seen them achieving that goal with the highest levels of success. 


Solution # 1 – Do it yourself


Homemade homewares are an amazing way to affordably and quickly fit with seasonal trends. Something as simple as stocking up on a selection of coloured wools or candle making supplies is especially useful for ensuring you have everything you need to knock up new, on-point home additions as soon as the latest looks land. Even better, the opportunity to meet styles head-on with entirely unique home additions means that you can stay stylish while still standing apart from buying exactly the same fast home fashion accessories as your friends. 


Finding A Way Through Fast Home Fashion


Solution # 2 – Make the most of what you’ve got


Nothing is better for saving money and the environment than simply repurposing what you have to fit with a new home vision. Reupholstering or even painting existing accessories with new styling ideas in mind can especially work wonders for transforming a space beyond recognition. Again, this also has the benefit of providing you with one-off accessories and furnishings. All for the cost of a pot of paint, or a small strip of fabric. 


Finding A Way Through Fast Home Fashion


Solution # 3 – Buy second hand


It may seem strange buying second-hand when you’re trying to keep up with the ever-rolling home fashion train. In reality, though, much like with fashion, old styles tend to come around on repeat, meaning that there’s almost always a sustainable, affordable second-hand solution that’s likely to fit your needs. Browsing for vintage home accessories is an especially fantastic way to complement new style solutions, and is now easier than ever with platforms like Facebook Marketplace. Simply make sure that you’re buying good quality stuff, and then settle into a stylish home that you’ll be far better able to adjust next time those top style choices shift again.


Fast fashion is as prevalent in our homes as our wardrobes. Slow its pace by choosing these alternatives next time you fancy a home upgrade.



Finding A Way Through Fast Home Fashion


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