4 Ways To Invest Your Money For Retirement (Or A Rainy Day!)

Bit of a new post for me today – but 2021 has been about working out how to afford retirement and we have been looking at many avenues with a financial advisor. We wall want security and to future proof our finances, right? While many people have a pension to help them out in their later years many do not. What is more, not all pensions will be sufficient which is something I am finding a bit scary! Even if they are, if you have the means then you may want to consider investing your money in order to make more money. Here are some methods to consider when looking to invest your money.


4 Ways To Invest Your Money For Retirement (Or A Rainy Day!)

Invest in property 

Property is a longstanding lucrative means of investment and it can be used in different ways to yield a return. One option is to buy a property for the purposes of letting the property to tenants, who will either pay your monthly mortgage or provide you with a monthly income. Moreover, the property is likely to have increased in value when the time comes to sell it, providing you with a further return on your investment. Another option is to buy a property at a low price that is in need of renovation, carry out the renovation works and then sell the property at a profit. This isn’t always the easiest option and you will often have large sums of money tied up, potentially for long periods of time. You will also need significant sums to enable you to initially invest in the property. That said, when done correctly the return can be high. Before investing in property make sure you research as many property investment tips as you can. For us, the latter has been something we have done for the last 2 decades but I know I haven’t got the energy for now!


High yield savings account

A high-yield savings account pays you interest on the cash balance in the account. Online accounts can offer higher interest rates than high street banks and you can access your money as and when you need it. This type of investment is particularly good for the more risk-averse investors. 


The stock market

Essentially this is a place where buyers and sellers meet to sell shares. Each share represents a tiny part of a company that is listed on the stock exchange.  The basic idea is to buy a share and sell it at a higher price. It is a profession in its own right and can become very complex. That said with the appropriate investment advice buying, owning and selling shares is open to everyone and can provide a financial gain for anyone. Be warned however as with any investment it is a risk and investing in the stock market can be a volatile place to put your money.



Taking it a little left field and diversifying your options from the more typical investments, consider expanding your investment portfolio by investing in wine. Essentially the quality and scarcity of fine wine appreciates over time and more importantly so does its value. Much like the stock exchange, you buy a bottle of wine and after a period of time, you can sell it for a higher price. Investing in wine is generally considered to be more a reliable option and it will diversify your portfolio and counter any market volatility. 


When I look around me I see vintage furniture, handbags, homewares that all have retained their value or are even going up in value. That’s the beauty of vintage and antiques. Buy well though, look after it and you can always sell in the future. One day I will have a massive sale and run off to a faraway place and retire to the beach! I so can’t wait!

Whatever your chosen investment be sure to ask yourself these questions first.


4 Ways To Invest Your Money For Retirement (Or A Rainy Day!)


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