Six Ways To Create Outdoor Rooms In Your Garden

We have a giant trampoline in our garden that will soon (fingers crossed) be gone and we are considering all the options on what to replace it with. A domed greenhouse maybe? Or a summer house for the kids to hang out in. When you have a blank canvas and total freedom, there are loads of choices.  Here are some suggestions for your garden to make outdoor rooms, perfect for adults.


Hot tubs

If there is one thing that people are going nuts for at the moment, it is hot tubs. These giant bubbling tubs of water are proving to be a hit with people from all walks of life. Why? Because they are so relaxing to sit in. If you have a stressful job or one that requires some manual labour, there is a chance that you have some aches and pains. Getting into your own personal hot tub at the end of the day is a great way to chill out and relax. They can be easily installed and maintained so they can be used all year round. All you need to do is make sure it is housed properly and you can get plenty of use out of it.


Create Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor living and dining

If you enjoy entertaining, there is a good chance that you need an outdoor space to do it. Having outdoor rooms that your guests can eat a meal and relax is a wonderful thing to provide as a host or hostess. Having a dining space outside is really good as it can be easier to clean up.  However, when you are on your own, there is something wonderful about sitting in the garden with the sounds of nature around you. Invest in some good outdoor furniture that you can get plenty of use out of.


Create Outdoor Rooms

Water features

If there is one thing that you can’t have when you have tiny kids, it is a water feature. Why? Because little children are curious and tend to get themselves into mischief, especially around water. However, in your grown-up garden, you can have a pond with a fountain and a collection of fish. Getting a pond for fish can be expensive, your choice of fish can be pricey too. However, local frogs will be happy to make your pond their home if you let them. Even just having some lily pads and flowers around it will make it a little slice of heaven for you and nature.



Outdoor kitchen and bar

Maybe this might be a bit over the top, but if you have the room and the money,  then why not? An outdoor kitchen is kind of like a barbeque area but there is more of a kitchen vibe. Yes, you can include the latest state of the art grill, but you can also have a roof with a TV wired in and a fridge. Outdoor kitchens and bars are the hottest trends that are being added to grown-up gardens around the world. The best thing about it is that they can be used all year round so they can be perfect for Halloween parties and New Year’s Eve.


Create Outdoor Rooms



Has anyone else taken up a lot of new hobbies during Covid? There is a good chance that you have and have no desire to get rid of them anytime soon. So, if you don’t have a room in your house for them, you need a workshop. The type of workshop that you need depends on the crafts that you took up. For example, if you decided knitting was a hobby for you, you could have a garden pod installed to keep your knitted treasures safe. However, if your hobby is upcycling furniture, then you will need a large space, such as a shed, to keep all of your tools handy and safe. 


Meditation area

We have all been focusing on our mental health recently so why not get some zen in the garden? Adding a meditation space that you can sit and relax is a great way to make use of your space. You could also use the space for yoga if you like to exercise in nature. If this is what you want to add, it needs to be a clear area. The whole point of meditation is to clear your mind, and having a space filled with clutter will not make it very zen-like. Choose a windchime, maybe a small water feature, and something to sit on and you are good to go.

Do you have an adult area in your garden? Any ideas?


Six Ways To Create Outdoor Rooms In Your Garden

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