Five Benefits Of Working From Home

Most people who have worked from home during the pandemic have realised how much more comfortable it could be to do this on a permanent basis. Working from home and owning a business that you run from your house has a ton of advantages and it’s taken a pandemic for most people to realise it. I of course already knew this having left my corporate job over 7 years ago now!


If you are looking to get out of the rat race and you want to start your own business, working from home could be the best option for you. You could track your money with a Yahoo finance API, and you could get your own office put together in the house so that you can work privately. While starting your own business is never easy, it’s something that more and more people are doing just so that they can continue to work in comfort. So, why should you work from home? Here are the best five benefits (over and above working in your PJs!)


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You get a lot of freedom. If you are sick of spending time in traffic, working from home could make a huge difference to you. You can take time finding freedom and getting your time back for things that you want to do rather than commuting and being stuck on transport. There are no bosses, there’s no dress code and you can determine your day. There’s no set schedule for work and all you need is discipline and personal drive to keep it going. You’re in the comfort of your own home and you’re doing a business you want to do – that’s a huge deal!


You can keep all the money you make. Working your own business from home means that you are not paying anyone for the work – you get to keep it all and dictate where you want your cash to go. The harder you work, the more you’ll make. You’ll save on petrol money on the commute and you’ll save on a lot of other things because you can offset household utilities on taxes, too. 



You can find bigger and better opportunities. There are a lot of companies in a slump since the pandemic, which means you have some opportunities here to pick up the customers that are missing something. There are great job prospects and you can find clients no matter the industry.


You choose something with less risk. When you choose to open an actual physical business, you are spending more money and you are straddling a much bigger risk. When you work online from home, you don’t have to worry about rising rent costs and bigger overheads. You won’t have to think about any of that because you are going to create something amazing online from home.


There are some serious tax advantages. You can bet that you’ll get some tax back when you have your home and business in the same place. You can claim back some of the expenses of the house from the bills to the mortgage. Speak to your accountant about this one – they’ll walk you through it.


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Five Benefits Of Working From Home


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