Living in Small Spaces: 9 Tiny House Storage Hacks for Better Use of Space

Are you trying to live in a small space, but you aren’t sure about storage? I know we are currently decorating our son’s bedroom, which is the classic box room, but there is no space for loads of cupboards and has SO MUCH STUFF! I read that the average American home has 300,000 items in it recently – not sure about the UK but that is a lot right! After lots of clever planning for him, I have put together some tiny house storage hacks for you today and how you can get more out of your home.


Living in Small Spaces: 9 Tiny House Storage Hacks for Better Use of Space


9 Storage Hacks for Small Houses

Living in smaller spaces has advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, living in a smaller house allows you to be more environmentally friendly and can help to minimise your costs.

However, a big disadvantage is figuring out where  you can store things in a tiny house. Even if you regularly sort through your possessions and only keep the most important things, it can still be difficult to find space for everything.


1. Compactable Furniture

By investing in furniture that you can store away when you aren’t using it, you’ll free up a lot of extra space. For example, you might want to get a bed that can fold up into a sofa or one that you can push horizontal against a wall.

You can also extend and/or compact other types of furniture, depending on your needs. For example, you could get a compactable dining table for smaller spaces that pulls out to make it larger when more guests come over. Our Ercol dining table has two drop leaf sides which is a great idea for smaller kitchens.


Living in Small Spaces: 9 Tiny House Storage Hacks for Better Use of Space


2. Bathroom Storage

A great tiny house storage hack is making use of every room. If your house has a small bathroom, there are many ways you can add effective storage here. You could install a small shelving unit above the sink, attach a toothbrush holder to the wall, or add under-sink storage.

Look around your bathroom to see if there is anywhere to fit a small cupboard. If you have space, that’s where you can store your bathroom products and towels.


3. Under Stair Storage

Not only should you make use of every room, but you should also make use of every space. Even though your house is small, there will be plenty of spaces that are ideal for storage, like under your stairs.

You might choose to use this as a cupboard to store your vacuum and cleaning products. Alternatively, you might decide to put up a shelf and some hooks in this area and have it for books and coats. I have also seen people add a tiny desk here to create a micro office space.


4. Don’t Waste Unused Space

Another unsuspecting place that is ideal for storage is your loft. You might already use it as a storage space for your possessions that you don’t use that often. However, you might want to organise or protect your things from dust. A great way to do this is to use storage boxes, but there are many other excellent ideas for your loft storage solutions.

You might also want to consider a loft conversion so you have the option of another room (ideal for a spare bedroom or home office) or easy-to-access storage space.


5. Smart Kitchen Storage Hacks

If your kitchen is small, it can make preparing and cooking meals seem like a nightmare. Luckily, there are various ways you can overcome this problem. Are you short on storage in your cupboards? Try adding some storage racks to the back of your cupboard doors or install a rotating cupboard pull-out.

Do you have too many pots and pans and no space for them? Don’t throw them away! Think about adding overhead storage in your kitchen, where your pans can hang from. You can also free up some drawer space by installing a magnetic knife rack to your wall.


Living in Small Spaces: 9 Tiny House Storage Hacks for Better Use of Space


6. Multitasking Rooms

Smaller houses can’t afford the luxury of having designated rooms for different purposes. Instead, you’ll need to get smart about how you can make your rooms work for you. This might mean that you use a corner in your living room as a home office. It could also mean that you squeeze your washing machine into a corner in your bathroom or kitchen.


7. Think Big

If your home has large ceilings, you might want to think big when it comes to storage. Adding shelves up high or having bookcases that fit the whole wall is a great way of effectively using all your space. You might also choose to add some cupboards up high, which are great for protecting your possessions from dust while also displaying them and having them in an easily accessible place.


8. Transform Your Storage

Transform your storage into something that works for you. You might have a wardrobe that doesn’t provide the right kind of storage you need, so why not add it in? If you need more space for shoes, create a pull-out shoe rack. If you need some shelves in there, then don’t be afraid to add them in.

Making your storage work for you is crucial for small houses and it can also help you be more organised.


Living in Small Spaces: 9 Tiny House Storage Hacks for Better Use of Space


9. Double-Sided Shelves

Shelves are great for putting things on top of, but you can also use them for storing things below too. Bolt-in some jars below your kitchen shelves and see how much space you can create. These double-sided shelves are great for storing your food. It’s like having a mini pantry in your home!

There are several ways you can create more storage in your home. All it takes is a little creativity and some smart thinking. If you find yourself struggling to find space, make sure you implement our tiny house storage hacks.  Or of course you could sell some of your stuff – read some of my articles on this via a few of the links in my Press Portfolio.



Living in Small Spaces: 9 Tiny House Storage Hacks for Better Use of Space



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