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Well of course we love Vintage Academy as it is our new business. Launched in September, myself and Keeley Harris from Discover Vintage have teamed up to form an exciting new venture.

Vintage Academy’s aim is to inspire and motivate vintage businesses. And it doesn’t have to be vintage businesses either: we are also hoping to share our ideas with hand made/craft businesses too.



We both left the rat race to become our own bosses, fed up with the 9-5 (as well as all the commuting) to immerse ourselves in something we love. And now we want to share what we learnt along the way as well as the watch outs with others so you too, can follow your dream of owning a business full time.


The website highlights why we love our jobs so much:

We love running our own business as we make the decisions and also take the risks..and we only have ourselves to answer to

We love that we can pick up our children from school and hear about their day at 3.30 when it’s fresh rather than 7.00 at night

We love that we don’t have to be suited and booted at 6am…but can wear what we want

We love meeting like-minded people who also love vintage, who understand the fascination, that simply get it!

We love that great surprises happen throughout the day: a magazine calls, a customer gives positive feedback..and it’s due to our hard work not someone else!

We love that we are own bosses..if we want to take the morning off or leave early on a Friday we can, and if that means we work in the evening when the children are asleep, that’s cool too!

Our first event is on November 16thin London with a second on in February. On the day we will cover branding, marketing, social networking, retail and how to diversify your income. There will be an open Q&A session when you can pick our brains…and a goody bag to take away with you. The inspiration doesn’t end there either: there will be ongoing support from us as well as the Vintage Academy community..so you should never feel alone again!

Find out more about us here, on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. And if you need any more reasons why to join Vintage Academy, here’s 5!

. Be Inspired

Vintage Academy is here to inspire you not to teach you. The day will trigger new ideas, help you form a plan for the future and give you chance to talk through your vision with like minded, vintage loving people. We left the rat race to be our own bosses and we want to inspire you to do the same.

2. Make new friends

When was the last time you spent   the day meeting new people who you have loads in common with? Vintage Academy   brings together a group who have the shared aim to make vintage their   business. What’s more you can carry on chatting with them afterwards in our   Vintage Academy Facebook group!

3. Get our advice

Vintage Academy isn’t just us talking to you for the day. After lunch   there will be a personal Q&A session in smaller groups where you can   literally pick our brains! Want to know how we made vintage our full time   job, or how we got our book deals or ask our thoughts on your new marketing   plan…the skies the limit!

4. Top Tips Ever wondered how to grow your   Twitter followers, get free advertising, see your business in the press, run   your own vintage fair or how to make money from blogging? We will share our   top tips with you on how we have managed to do all of the above…and more!

5. Have fun!

The day isn’t about going back to school. We want you to have fun, be   motivated for the future and make new friends along the way. With a chance   for a chat with a slice of cake as well as some goodies in your goody bag and   the odd silly vintage game, our aim is you graduate Vintage Academy with a   smile on your face and a spring in your vintage step!


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  1. 2 October 2013 / 9:33 pm

    How can I get a ticket to the Vintage Academy?!

    • Your vintage life
      2 October 2013 / 9:35 pm

      Hi Thanks for getting in touch! You can book a ticket via the website at http://www.vintageacademy.co.uk/ourshop/ we would love to see you there! Any questions just let us know x

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