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We have a double cupboard full of vintage Tupperware- it’s packed to the nines with bright orange 1960s-80s designs suitable for every possible use – from storage to cheese graters, jelly moulds to cookie cutters. It’s great for keeping food fresh but did you know it changed women’s lives 60 years ago?

“Tupperware revolutionised kitchens and even the way we ate, as food could finally be stored properly thus reducing the need to cook daily. Launched in America in 1946 it took until the 1960s for it to become a kitchen must have both sides of the Atlantic. Designed in various colours from pretty pastels to lime green, there is a Tupperware item for all your needs: cheese graters, jelly moulds, packed lunch boxes, egg cups and of course the basic storage container.

The introduction of the Tupperware Party had a real impact on society. Women had experienced great independence whilst working during the war, which was then given up to return to the kitchen in the 1950s. The role of party hostess provided employment and freedom for women in the comfort and safety of their own home. It was a well-respected job and product. Friends and neighbours were invited over for the evening, to share a glass of sherry and experience the whole range. Excitement ensued, storage items were bought and delivered only days later.

The Harvest range was the most popular in the 1960s, designed in citrus shades from bright yellow to orange. These would be out on display containing coffee and tea rather than hidden away in the cupboard. It has the classic fanned “burp” seal lid which when fastened ensured your food was fresher for longer.”





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