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Last weekend was an exciting one here at YVL HQ as we had our blog redesigned. We’ve wanted to do this for ages but it has taken time to find the WordPress theme that really looked how we wanted it to. Last Saturday, with the help of Kate from BamBam Design Services, we launched the new look. We are so pleased and we have had great feedback already, new sponsors, more PR…and personally we think it looks so much better!

OVL header

We also now have a new name, “Our Vintage Life – The Design & Lifestyle blog from Your Vintage Life”. As we have many websites we wanted to differentiate between the main site/shop and the blog.

Vintage Valentines Picture

We also updated the front cover of the main website and added a Valentines shot. This was taken using old vintage bottles against my daughter’s 1960s wall paper. We wanted a shot that wasn’t heavily red/pink and contrasting against the duck egg, we feel that this looks great.

vintage vanity case 2

Mr YVL went out buying (as always) and came home with this glorious red document case. He thought about giving it to me for Valentine’s day but as ever he couldn’t wait until then. It is so lovely and perfect for Vintage Academy…it even matches the branding!

vintage vanity case

We have sold more tickets for our next London event in February and now only have one ticket left!! I’m so looking forward to getting back on the road again and meeting you vintage business owners.

I have been adding stock to the website like a crazy fiend. One day I added £1400 worth of furniture..in fact I feel like I’ve sat at my desk all week and haven’t moved! I posted this image to Instagram of my view from my desk….

retro desk

I also spent an age playing with Vine. Have you tried it yet?? Here’s a video I made of my 1950s handbag collection!

And on that note I better had get back to listing stock……

We hope you all have had a great week too and wish you all a happy weekend

Kate & Adam x

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