Get the Look: The 1940s style

It feels like everyone is finally realising how suave and sexy fashion actually was in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Women embraced their feminine charm and curvaceous bodies, and now the modern woman is starting to appreciate classic dresses that accentuate a her hips and thighs. They love wearing stunning hats that can’t help but attract positive attention. The nostalgic look is back and it is better than ever.

1940s fashion vintageHere are the top 6 ways to get a nostalgic look:

1. Fit is Fabulous

Nostalgic clothing is usually well-tailored and tightly fitted. Designers in the 1940’s and 50’s hand sewed every stitch with the utmost care and detail. Most outfits were also custom-made to fit one person’s exact body type. Everyone is shaped differently and most of today’s clothes are mass-produced to fit only a few predetermined body types. If you want the nostalgic look, your clothes should be tailored to your unique feature.

vintage red dress

Dress from Your Vintage Life

2. Cute Little Hats

A subtle beret, a darling sunhat, or halo inspired turban will instantly give you a nostalgic look. Most women back in the 40’s wouldn’t be seen out in public without a hat of some sort. Many women would own a collection of different stylish hats, so that they had a particular one to go with each of their favourite outfits.

vintage blue hat

Hat from Your Vintage Life: now sold

3. Classic Timepiece

Dainty wristwatches were a sought-after luxury item in the 1940’s. Wearing a classic watch will instantly give any outfit a more elegant and nostalgic look. The well-known chain, Watches of Switzerland, is the perfect place to pick up a classic wristwatch that will transport your appearance back in time. They have vast a selection of brand name wristwatches as well as  hundreds of classic designs that could suit your personal nostalgic style.

4. Big Bouncy Curls

Most women in the 40’s and 50’s had big flowing curls that gracefully bounced along their cheekbones and shoulders. Women that wore their hair straight would still craft a perfectly round curl on their forehead. You can get that sexy, nostalgic look simply by curling your hair  in one tight curl. Alternatively many vintage hair stylists are offering tutorials in workshop form or online which will teach you how to style your hair.

diablo rose

Diablo Rose

5. Ankle Boots

One of the biggest trends for women in the 1940’s was wearing sleek, cowboy inspired ankle boots with basic button-down dresses. If you are trying to create a more old-school Western look, choose a pair of ankle boots that has real leather tassels.

6. Bold Red Lips

A smooth coat of venetian red on your lips will always give you that nostalgic look you desire. Models in the 40’s and 50’s often wore bright red lipstick, because it stood out in the magazine and newspapers. Big curls and bold lipstick is a stunning combination.  We love lipsticks from Mac in particular.

mac lipstick

Vintage inspired fashion is gaining in popularity, because it can turn everyone ne into a stunning pin-up poster. If you are trying to get that nostalgic look you desire, you can do it by wearing clothes that fit well, cute hats, classic timepieces, bouncy curls, ankle boots, and bold red lips. Any woman will look glamorous by mastering the vintage look using these six simple techniques.

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  1. Jules
    24 January 2014 / 11:44 pm

    I love the 1940s too, I have a lovely cream CC41 dress that flatters beautifully and everyone always comments when I’m wearing it. Love the pink hair too!

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