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It’s been an emotional two weeks here at Your Vintage Life. A bit of a rollercoaster really, and thankfully we are just about getting off the ride. So today’s blog is (in the words of the late Ian Dury) is our Reasons To Be Cheerful: part 3 (and yes there wasn’t a part 1 or 2)

1. The garden is looking lovely here, as I sit looking out of my bi-folding doors! All this rain, then sun, then rain, then sun has really helped it to bloom and with clematis like these, you cannot help but smile


2. Herbie winning a Head Teachers Award for writing. It was only a month ago that he declared “I Hate Writing!” and then stopped. Writing that is. Well thanks to super teacher hosting a boys writing club where they scribe about super heroes and Star Wars – he now loves it! And won an award!

Herbie award

3. Bunting made from vintage crochet and linen. We wanted something different to hang at the National Vintage Wedding Fair so after trawling Pinterest we decided to put all those doilies to good use that I have amassed over the years. 21 metres later we have this….. (thanks to Vintage Be as I cannot sew!)

vintage linen bunting

4. Taking the kids to the park before bed time to tire them out. I immediately said I couldn’t come as I needed to do some work, but then thought – hell to that! So lying in a giant hammock swing with my kids in the sunshine, unplanned, is joyous.

5. All your branding coming together! All our signage has arrived for our first National Vintage Wedding Fair this Sunday, having had a re-design and slight tweak to the branding. Looks fab doesn’t it!

Vintage wedding fair signage

6. Finding a load of retro My Little Ponies while on a buying trip and offering one up to your little girl. Kitty chose this little beauty from the 90s. It has inspired my hair…which is soon going to be pink (maybe. – if I have the balls!)

my little pony vintage

7. Getting back on to the juice. Even our juicing is orange to match our kitchen…it’s a carrot, apple,lemon, celery and ginger wonder.



Hope you all have a great week ahead, hopefully full of laughter and sunshine x


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