Making Vintage Your Business: Buying Tips

Recently we went on a buying trip together on a cold Friday morning. Our focus was to buy stock for Keeley’s many shop units and vintage wedding accessories for Kate’s wedding fair. Let’s face it buying is the best bit of owning your own business but it’s still important to use your head and not just your heart.

woman shoppingHere are some buying tips to ensure you make informed choices:

1. Plan what to buy. If you know what you are looking for it should stop you from buying everything you see. Make time to regularly review what is selling well for you, then this will help to form the plan of action when you are out on a buying trip.

2. Research. When you buy something to sell on, you need to have a good idea what you are going to sell it for before you commit to buy it otherwise you are at risk of earning very little profit.

1950s Woman Shopping Frozen Food Section Of Grocery Store

3. Condition. Something that is chipped or badly restored de-values an item considerably. Check everything over before you buy, and if you still want it, make sure the damage is reflected in the price.

4. Have fun! If you are as passionate about vintage as we are, you will be drawn to items you love. But just remember you are not keeping it, so ensure you buy and sell at the right price to make money. Wear flats, take a hat and scarf and plenty of change!

woman shopping 2

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