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Who knew that running events took so much time! I have spent most of the last week booking exhibitors, writing press releases, organising workshops, looking for venues…..but the great news is we love it!! We were excited to announce this week that we have workshops planned for our first event in May. Ruth Tilley from Festoon will be showing brides how to make tissue paper pom pom garlands as well as another one which we haven’t announced yet!! We told the world and are half booked already within only a few hours!

(For those of you who don’t know we took over The National Vintage Wedding Fair earlier this year)

pom pomsWe spent the weekend at other people’s fairs though. Adam went to sell our vintage home wares and clothing at Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair in London. It was great to take our fashion out on the road again after a full 6 months off!

JudysThe kids and I went to Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair which was up the road in Bedford. It was their first one so we wanted to check it out, meet lots of people that we know locally and hope to bag some bargains. I bought 3, yes 3 pairs of Converse for Herbie for


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