Meet Our Sponsor: Splendid Vintage

Today we meet one of Your Vintage Life’s  sponsors: Kirsty from Splendid Vintage. She has sponsored us for a little while now and she is also one of our graduates from Vintage Academy.

splendid vintage

YVL: Hello Kirsty, Tell our readers a little about yourself?

My name is Kirsty and I am addicted to vintage, its been a problem since childhood which I can finally give in to!  I live on the sunny south coast of England with my husband and three children and as is so often the story, I started tinkering with vintage as a hobby, in fact a passion really.

I recall dragging my mother around ‘junk shops’ from a very young age, much to her distress as I certainly didn’t inherit a treasure hunting gene from her. I always took great joy in rummaging for that Oxo tin or jar of mixed buttons and I still do!

I often feel like I was born in the wrong time, favouring thrifty, “make do and mend” ideas, hating waste and the current throw away attitude, loving the idea of renovating, reusing, recycling and repurposing, mixing old classics with brand new, creating a home and style.

Splendid Vintage Beverley Teaset - Teapot - milk jug - sugar bowl - pale blue - chrome cloche - retro - shabby chic - 50s - 60s - pastel teapot - Splendid Vintage (1)

I never felt like this could actually be a career for me and focused on something more ‘sensible’. It was only after having my daughter that I started getting more and more involved, mostly buying items that I loved for our home and myself and then realising that I was running out of room!  Fast forward a few years and I’m thrilled to have launched the website and have a great group of followers on Facebook and Twitter, the rest as they say, is history, and I’m lucky to have made it my business!

YVL: Tell us more about your business….

Come to Splendid Vintage for a wide range of homewares and clothing mainly from the 1930s to 1970s. How could I possible start to describe what you might find when you get there; a one stop vintage shop, from wool blankets to plastic pic a pac picnic sets, from slinky Doris Day Pillow talk style Negligees to day dresses to 70s towelling beachwear…you had better just come and have a look!

Splendid Vintage - Towelling beach cover up - Bath robe - Dress - Top - 60s 70s - Retro (2)

YVL: What have been the highlights so far?

Every sale feels like a highlight as it’s a whole new life for a saved piece of history!  Though it’s always really special when someone has been looking for something for a long time and found it at Splendid Vintage, it’s good to be part of their story.

Splendid Vintage Earlys of Witney Wool blanket cream with green stripe - Shabby chic - retro - camping (3)

YVL: What is next for you and the business?

More buying, more selling, more fun!

Splendid Vintage Worcester Ware paris scene place mats - Table mats - retro - 50s 60s (6)

YVL: How can we get in touch with you?

Visit the website at  or join us on Facebook and Twitter

Splendid Vintage - 70s picnic - orange and white - Preci-ware vintage Pic a Pac orange and white 4 piece tray picnic set - Retro - Kitsch - Camper Van - Camping (5)

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