Ten of the Best: Surviving the rainy season the vintage way

So its been raining…a lot!  You know the British winter is coming when you look out of the window and all you see is grey skies and rain hitting the window.  There’s something about living in the UK and rain that goes together like tea and biscuits and todays blog is about how to survive the rainy season…vintage style.  All items are available on line now.

1.  We do love a fun umbrella at YVL – and this 1960’s one from Etsy is just lovely – its almost too nice to get wet!

Etsy 1960’s vintage umbrella via joyridevintage

2.  Berry is a great Autumn colour and this 1970’s vintage raincoat looks great.  Its amazing how a great vintage design can look just as modern now as it did at the time.

Vintage berry mac from Your Vintage Life

3.  Wellington boots are a necessity if you want to walk around in this weather but hardly the best style choice.  Wedge Wellys got their break via Dragons Den and have gone from strength to strength ever since.  Zips and wedges on a welly boot?  Sold!

Maneater Platinum wellington boot by Wedge Wellys

4.  Once you’ve got your boots you’ll need your welly socks.  When its cold and wet its great to feel cosy and Totes fur tops socks are the best.

Totes fur top welly socks from totes.co.uk

5.  On rainy days you need to do rainy day activities so how about so super retro board game?  Go back to the 70’s with this Star Wars Escape from the Death Star game.  Now just to get my hair into two side buns, Leia style…

6.  There’s nothing better when its raining to stay in bed warm and cosy under the covers.  A vintage feather filled Eiderdown looks lovely and keeps you so warm.

Vintage eiderdown from velvetribbon.co.uk

7.  While your snuggling under the eiderdown how about reading a good book or two…after all its raining outside!   For something really special check out the Waterstones signed and limited edition section of their website and get yourself  collectable of the future.  And yummy food just makes the cosiness even better so Mary Berry feels like a good choice.

Mary Berry signed book from waterstones.com

8.  If you’re going to get a barometer make it a kitsch one!  We love this faux stag head version on eBay – its lots of fun.  It will know when that rains coming for sure!

Ebay kitsch barometer via jigsaw_interiors

9.  Be green and get a water butt.  Most water companies offer discount vouchers or even free water butts to certain customers.  With the amount of rain we get in this country there is no need to use extra water in the garden and you can feel good you are helping the environment at the same time.  For a vintage look go for a barrel look version…

190L water butt from greatgardensonline.com

10.  And finally a good idea never goes away.  A simple rain bonnet was loved by our nans and little old ladies everywhere and has been updated for a new generation.  Bubble Betty have created bonnets in designs such as tattoo print,  lace or leopard print and it just works.  We love them!

rain bonnet by bubblebetty.com


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