Do You Remember?

Our Do You Remember has been so popular it has gone from a weekly event to a daily vintage event over on Facebook. So here is a round-up of what we have been remembering this week.

On Monday it was Holly Hobbie. I remember having a 3D tile with her on and it appears so did you!

Then on Tuesday it was about the 1980s and hair crimpers. I loved to crimp my hair (being a goth) and I remembered hair spraying first so the crimper really took/burnt my hair!

On Wednesday we remembered the 1980s tos called Simon. I remembered playing in on camping holidays and being rather good at it!

On Thursday it was the turn of Metal Mickey. To be fair this 1980s programme was not great but it brought back memories of Saturday evenings with my step brother.

On Friday we found out you all, along with Mr YVL liked to take Corona bottles back for your 2p…often having never bought them in the first place. Entrepreneurs maybe or petty thieves?

On Saturday we remembered the 8190s programme Magpie. You were


I love

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