Ten of the Best: Early Christmas picks for advert loving vintage fans

The Christmas John Lewis advert launched on Saturday night to great fanfare, and now most of the other big retailers ads are showing regularly on TV.  Its official – Christmas shopping season is now upon us!  Every year I say I will start early and then never do but the minute I see the adverts – I turn into the most Christmas loving person ever!  I know they are there to sell stuff but I just love them!

So this year, lets get organised and start thinking early about Christmas, inspired by some of the great adverts now showing!  All items are available on-line now.

1.  The advert that started it all off has its own gift range!  The John Lewis bear and hare are available to buy and we have to say, rather cute and rather vintage looking.

Bear & Hare toys from John Lewis

2.  Holidays are coming!  Holidays are coming!  There’s hardly anyone that doesn’t feel a pang of excitement when they hear the Coca Cola advert…and we all know Santa wouldn’t wear red if it wasn’t for them! Vintage Coke products are highly collectable and make great presents – this vintage crate is gorgeous.

Ebay vintage coke crate via lovelyandcompany

3.  TK Maxx have concentrated on the joy of opening a gift with a beautiful advert.  To wrap the vintage way you need some great original vintage wrapping paper.   Its rare to find unused paper and the bright colours and retro design cant help but make you feel festive.

4.  Lidl’s advert unwraps some gorgeous Christmas dinner food.  How about buying a vintage platter to carve that turkey on?  It makes a fantastic gift for a friend or yourself.

Ebay vintage turkey platter via johnshields

5.  M&S’s Alice in Wonderland inspired advert makes us crave buying a quirky and eccentric gift.  Vintage framed playing cards look great and make a lovely gift.   Now if someone would just wrap up David Gandy for us…

NotontheHighSt vintage playing card art by Vintage Playing Cards

6.  Tesco has gone all nostalgic in its advert of home movies through the years of one family.  Back in the day every stocking had a satsuma in it.  Keep the tradition going with a yummy twist with these foil covered chocolate tangerines.  Genius!

Tesco net of chocolate satsumas

7. Waitrose has again not done a Christmas advert as such and focus on the money they’ve donated to charity.  Not particularly festive but heartwarming all the same.  For the person that has more stuff then they know what to do with why not donate to charity on someones behalf?  Oxfam offer a variety of choice starting at just £5.00.   Not vintage but we think absolutely life changing.

Oxfam Unwrapped charity donation gifts

8.  If Morrison’s singing gingerbread man has got you in the mood for cookies, how about gifting some vintage cookie cutters?  Christmas ones are even better.

Ebay Christmas cookie cutters via steffssouk

9.  The Debenhams Christmas advert ends up with the lovers united skating at Somerset House.  The rink is open till Jan 5th and up to 11.30pm, so why not take someone special to skate there?   The architecture is absolutely stunning and perfect for any vintage lover.

Skating at Somerset House

10.   Littlewoods advert is based at Santas workshop with letters to Santa pouring in.  Get those letters typed perfectly by your little ones (or yourself!) with a gorgeous vintage toy typewriter.  Its the kind of gift you can have out on display all year.

Etsy kids vintage typewriter via TimeAndTemperature

They’ll be a lot more shopping to come before December 25th, but in this busy world getting organised is always a good feeling.  Start hiding away those presents in lofts, the back of wardrobes and under beds!  Look out for more shopping inspiration coming soon.


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