Do you Remember?

It has been another great week looking back to the past and remembering! All images were posted on Facebook and you guys shared your memories and added some great comments.

Wham bars.  My main memory was eating them after swimming in the late 70s/early 80s!  You all remembered their eye watering taste and filling pulling qualities too.The Wombles.  Obviously a lovely childhood favourite for a lot of you including one follower who had a life size cuddly toy of Orinoco that she used to always carry around by his long snout as a kid!!!  Bernard Cribbins’ lovely narration, buying their records for our record players and a great green message too all made us smile at the memory.


Charlie Says Public Information films for children. Ravers from the 90’s may of thought of The Prodigy but most of us loved this advert (although a few said it had scared them as kids!) .  Most still laugh about it though and consider it a great childhood memory and can do a great Charlie impression when required.

CHIPS.  We couldn’t remember the names of Californias finest highway patrol men but you could.  According to you, Eric Estrada as Ponch was one of THE crushes for 80’s kids – our personal favourite John (the blonde) didn’t even get a mention!  Retro Saturday evening TV at its finest.


Blue mascara.   Ok, looking back it hasn’t dated well but for girls of the 80’s and 90’s it was THE cool make-up choice…and cheap to afford with your pocket money or paper round earnings too.


Weebles.  Yes, they wobble and they don’t fall down and most of you remember having some as kids.  Pretty much indestructible and great for toddlers – a good toy never grows old which is why we still love them today.


Another great week of memories and smiles caused by your recollections.  For more nostalgia make sure to check our Facebook page at 12pm every day – we love reading your comments!



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