Styling Tips: Welcome to my new vintage home project!

As I’ve mentioned in a few of my blogs now, I’ve recently moved to a new house.  It is a large late 70’s/early 80’s house that needs a bit of work doing to it and has some retro vintage (and some tastelessly 80’s!) touches still remaining.  I thought I’d share a few bits I’ve started on so far in todays blog.  It is a biggish project and although we wont be undertaking lots of DIY the house has quite a tired look and I have a lot of vintage furniture and large collections of 1960’s art glass, West German pottery and Fornasetti plates to fit in to a new space.

One of the best parts about the house  for me is its large open wooden staircase.  I cant wait to dress it for Christmas and the wood matches in with my 1960’s furniture perfectly.  Its strange to have a staircase that’s so visible and key to the room but it really works with my retro interior.

The last people who lived in the house were an elderly couple and there were quite a few items which although vintage just had to go.  There were 1980’s BHS light fittings everywhere (the same style – I guess they liked to buy in bulk!) which in the lounge I’ve changed to my pendant and wall chrome Sputnik lights.  I will be replacing them all throughout the house as the wiring is a little suspect and they are now broken in places.

Before and after

There are also two great sets of brass curtain poles in the lounge with internal string pulls – I hadn’t seen ones like this since I lived with my parents and they are definitely staying – although the 1980’s curtain will be going very soon!  I am now on the look-out for the perfect curtains to match the lounge’s colour palette of teak wood, taupe and browns with flashes of orange and various iconic Pop Art paintings.


There is also a fabulous porthole window in the dining room which I’ve sort of fallen in love with.  It sits high up on the wall and is a lovely focal point – I love the little touches like this you just don’t get in modern houses.

I have so much to do and I will be blogging my improvements over future blogs and showcasing some of the styling, so keep an eye on our Monday blogs for more.

For more styling tips and ideas Kate’s book ‘Style Your Modern Vintage Home’ is now available on our website .  Enjoy being creative in a vintage style this week and don’t forget to tweet us photos of your creations in your own home – we will be blogging (with permission) the best we receive in a future new blog,  so go on, impress us!


I love


  1. 26 August 2013 / 8:38 am

    I’m SO looking forward to seeing what you do to your new home Kate. What can I say? It’s a very lucky house!

    My parents have a very similar staircase in their 1960s home. It was put in by my ‘handy-man’ dad in the 1970s when he built dorma bedrooms for me and my sister.

    Just ordered myself a copy of your book too. I don’t know HOW you manage to fit it all in. You really are some sort of super-woman! 😉

    Good luck with your exciting new project. xx

    • Your vintage life
      26 August 2013 / 7:46 pm

      Louise, its not my house! It’s Sarah’s who now works for us! She styled some of the photos in the book so you will definitely want to watch our for her blog updates! X

      • 27 August 2013 / 7:17 am

        Oh dear! Sorry about that. 🙂 I’ll be keeping my eye on progress anyway.

        And looking forward to receiving my book this week. Good luck with it all. xx

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