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I am writing this before we go off to trade at the annual Twinwood Festival, here in Bedfordshire. We started to set up yesterday: I use the royal “we” as really Mr YVL went to put the marquee up and all the fixturisation in the rain. It is always quite cold at this festival, probably as it is the bank holiday; the forecast is for rain tomorrow so fingers crossed that changes and next week I can write about a warm weekend of selling, dancing and catching up with everyone. To find out a little more about the event check out our other website Vintage Bedford and MK.

We will be launching our book “ Style your modern vintage home” this weekend on our pitch. We have received all the stock which sent me into a spiral of joy. To be honest TNT delivered it when we were not in and took it back to the depot. On receiving the “you were out” card I knew it must be the books and annoyingly they were closed. We went off to get them on Tuesday and Herbie proudly posed with his mummy’s book.

Monday we went out buying. I visited a lovely couple who at 84 felt it was time to down size their clothing collection. When I say collection, I mean Collection. She had all her clothing since the early 1960s with photos of her wearing them. I bought this great striped maxi dress which you can see her wearing over 50 years ago amongst other things. Beautiful Mansfield suits and a gorgeous red velvet hooded maxi coat were just some of the highlights.

It wasn’t until I got back to work that I realised she had packed up all her clothing in old carrier bags. I posted this picture on Facebook and almost 200 people liked it that afternoon! It’s one thing to buy great vintage fashion but when it’s in vintage carrier bags it puts an extra smile onto your face!

Last weekend I went away to Leeds to work on our new business venture which is all very exciting! Logos are signed off, website near to completion…I hope you are watching this space next week!

Sarah styled a beautiful wedding on Saturday which I’ve had a sneaky look at already. It is simply beautiful and you will all just love it! She will be sharing it on the blog a week on Monday so if you are a soon to be vintage bride, or planning your wedding with a vintage style keep popping back to the blog over the next few weeks. For now though…here’s a piccy from our vintage wedding!







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