Styling Tip: 1930s crochet

I cannot stop buying vintage┬álinen. I have bags and bags of it, from large embroidered tablecloths to small doily like tray covers. We do not use them in our home (which is a 1960s affair) and to be honest, we don’t really sell them either. Other people sell them so well but they don’t really sit well alongside all our retro.

However last year I found a use for them while making batches of tomato and chilli jam. I made enough to give as gifts and needed a topper for the glass jars. I went to the bag of linen (one of the bags!) and pulled out the vintage crochet tray covers.

I carefully cut them into circles, large enough to cover the lids as well as drape down the sides. They were often made by stitching circles together so cutting them back to this shape is very easy.

Use a piece of ribbon or string to keep them tied tightly. They make a lovely present and can of course be re-used.

These were made in the earlier part of the 20th century and were used as tray covers, to sit on furniture to protect it or to drape over the backs of chairs. They were pretty but were really used as protection rather than decoration.

They look lovely on a dressing table with your photos and jewels ontop. 1930s furniture is often dark and these pretty touches help to feminise them.


What do you do with yours? Any other tips you want to share?



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