A Sunday Retrospective

Just a short look back today as it is so sunny outside! Wow, the sun has arrived (finally!)

This advert is from 1968 for Spode china.

vintage china

“We women like china absolutely white……”

“White as Spode, I said. (Spode make the whitest china in the world, you know). ‘Course, we like it delicately patterned too, like Provence here. (Incidentally, did you know that Spode actually invented bone china. Yes!)

He didn’t say a word but I knew by the way he folded his newspaper that he’d heard everything I’d said. Wonder how soon it will be before he realises we ought to have a Spode Provence  dinner set too? Two….three…four more breakfast talks?”

vintage adverts

Well this of course is exactly the kind of conversation I have with Mr YVL every Sunday morning after the brings me breakfast in bed.

Amazing to think that she just can’t go out and buy it herself but has to cajole hubby.

How times have changed.




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