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It’s been another great week being nostalgic for things that seemed amazing back in the day.  All photos were posted on the Your Vintage Life Facebook page and you added some great comments as always!

Remember when Madonna exploded into our world and we all reached for the fingerless lace gloves, leggings with flouncy short lacy skirts over the top teamed with leather jackets and BOY t-shirts?  She was (and still is) a style icon…1486640_686972051322886_1464068883_n

“Set free by the Teen Angels from his prehistoric block of glacier ice, comes the world’s first superhero, Captain Caveman! Now the constant companion to the Teen Angels—Brenda, Dee Dee and Taffy—in their hilarious, and sometimes scary mystery missions. Get ready for Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels!”.   We all loved watching Captain Caveman and his mad antics.  Originally aired in 1977 as a cartoon homage to Charlie’s Angels, this was a firm family favourite for many – funny, crazy and sooooo 70’s!  All together now – “Zowie, Cavey!!!”

Zowie Cavey! Who remembers watching Captain Caveman and his teen angels? Originally aired in 1977 this was a firm family favourite!

Ah, Saturday afternoons watching Big Daddy wrestle Giant Haystacks was a memory that made many of you smile.  Wrestling was a huge part of the weekends viewing.  Such simple times but was so fun to watch!   Easy, Easy, Easy!!!


As school kids we played endlessly with a bit of string making a cat’s cradle. Lots of you can still do it too!  Back and forth getting more complicated each time…our fingers seem too big to do it properly now!


Deely Boppers were HUGE in the 1980s….but none of you could remember why!  They were American which seemed good enough at the time.  It could only of happened in the 80’s!!!

1609887_686978724655552_1757503403_nWe all remembered the newspaper cartoon by Kim called ‘Love Is…’  Cute figures often seen naked – not very pc now but quite sweet all the same!  Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes thoughtful – just like love really.


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