Our Fabulous Five: Celebrate Chinese New Year vintage style

Friday is Chinese New Year – a time of huge celebration, decoration and colour for China and Chinese people all over the world.  As we enter the year of the horse todays blog find five fantastic online buys for embrace the oriental vintage look…

Celebrating Chinese New Year is a centuries-old tradition, it is based on the idea of defending yourself against a mythical brute called the Nian, using food and firecrackers.  Lion and dragon dances happen each year as it is believed that boisterous drumming and playing with cymbals will pursue away terrible fortunes and malice spirits.

1.  For the party, a great dress is a necessity.  Rather than a traditional silk version (available plentifully across eBay) which is the obvious choice, maybe go for a vintage oriental styled one.  This 60’s Alfred Shaheen one is gorgeous and will see you through many a glamourous event.


Etsy vintage 60’s dress via ShopVintageMinnie


2. Dragons and lions play a huge part in Chinese symbolism and make great ideas for collecting.  A collection of vintage oriental items can look amazing and these vintage child’s lion slippers from Etsy are just adorable.


Etsy vintage Chinese childs slippers via Chixycoco


Red decorations are hung as the Chinese consider red as their lucky colour as it is believed to drive off malicious spirits and carry favourable luck, satisfaction, fortune and life span.

3.  Fill your home with gorgeous red silk and paper lanterns – we say why keep them out for celebrations – they are so pretty leave them up all year!  This would look great in the corner of a bedroom, conservatory or kitchen and they are so cheap to buy.

Paper lanterns via www.thechineseshop.com

In China workplaces shut down for up to 15 days, families travel to be together and large meals are prepared.  Food symbolizes joy, success, fortunes and long life and during the New Year, the Chinese eat oranges as it symbolizes prosperity.

4.  Look out for vintage Chinese plates to serve food on and mix and match them for a eclectic yet stylish look.  Pick up ceramics via eBay such as this one and serve away…


eBay Chinese plate via nrw-uk

5.  At the end of a meal we love a bit of fun and these fortune cookies in their cute vintage style box are just adorable.  Crack them open to find your new years predictions….


Fortune cookies from Butlersonline


In the UK many large cities will be having fantastic displays and parades to enjoy the New Year too.  Check out your local area and enjoy the celebrations!

Written by Sarah Gorlov
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