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Read all of Your Vintage Life’s ‘Do you Remember’ vintage nostalgia posts from Facebook this week.  We had fun sharing and you had fun commenting!  So, what do you remember…?

Who remembers watching BBC’s You and Me back in the 1970s? The UK’s answer to Sesame Street with multicultural presenters, a street market set, a sign language expert and of course puppets Cosmo and Dibs.  We seemed to remember the theme tune more than the show to be honest though – “You and me, me and you, Lots and lots for you to do, Lots and lots for you to see, Me and you, you and me …


Quality Street tins looked like this when we were kids (and before) and can’t help but make you think of family Christmases and then being used as storage afterwards.  Created in 1936, after the war with people craving nostalgia the chocolates were re-packaged in brightly coloured wrappings and tins featuring two characters wearing old fashioned dress, known affectionately as Miss Sweetly and Major Quality. ‘The Major’ and ‘Miss’ characters inspired by the JM Barrie’s play ‘Quality Street’, appeared on all Quality Street boxes and tins until 2000.  Something a lot of vintage lovers collect too…


Forget those new re-issued space hoppers, who had an original orange version in thick rubber in the 70’s?  Heavy, prone to punctures and a summer holiday staple – we didn’t need technology just a place to bounce!


We all remembered spinning and spinning until you got dizzy at the playground as kids.  The huge roundabouts weighed a tonne to push but so many kids could fit on them.  Health and safety?  We didn’t need it back then – concrete, metal and wood was the way we rolled (or spun)!!!


Playing hopscotch on the pavement with a course scratched out with a white stone and then played for hours and hours….oh the simple pleasures of life then!   We hopped and we scotched – scotching meaning “an incised line or scratch” all through primary school and love to see our still kids do it now – even if its a printed one now.


The game we’d all forgotten and then immediately remembered when we saw the photo was Hasbro’s ‘I vant to bite your Finger’.  Made in 1979, it featured a large vampire figure that could “bite” players’ fingers. If you’re were unlucky when you turned back the clock, the vampire woke up (his cape swings open) and you had to put your finger in his mouth and he’d actually bite you (with red felt tip markers).  Spooky!


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