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Todays blog brings together all our Facebook posts this week for our ‘Do you Remember’ feature.  All photos were posted on the Your Vintage Life Facebook page and you added some great comments and memories…

We all loved watching Charlie’s Angels back in the 70s/80s.  Farrah seemed to be a favourite and a 70’s style icon.  The hair, the smile, the figure!  A show with girl power  – yay!


So many of you said you missed Woolworths.  The pick ‘n’ mix counter when you couldn’t buy sweet like that anywhere else, buying the number one single at the record counter, browsing for cheap make-up with your pocket money….those were the days!   A giant of the High Street that has not been replaced, and sadly lots of sites are still sitting empty or replaced with pound shops.


Watching the chimpanzees in the PG Tips adverts now is a strange sight.  It seems cruel now but at the time was a massive advertising campaign that people though was very funny.  You felt it was great that things had moved on in the way we treat wild animals (and PG Tips replaced them with a stuffed Monkey puppet!) and no-one could work out what Chimpanzees had to do with tea anyway!


My Little Ponies were THE thing to collect as a little girl back in the 1980s..each had their own name and personality, a comb for their mane and we loved watching the cartoon too!  Unicorns (as seen in the photo below) and Pegasus’ were the best of the best. and if you had one of them you were popular!


Who was allowed to eat brightly coloured cereal such as Rainbow Brite cereal back in the 80s? E numbers everywhere but as kids we thought the brighter and the sweeter the better!


Everyone loved or wanted to be Wonder Woman. Lynda Carter looked amazing – look at that tiny waist!!!  A popular game at school and we remembered spinning around and desperately wanting to turn into her!


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