10 reasons to buy vintage furniture for your home

As you are here already I am sure you know exactly why mid century or vintage furniture is the best to have in your home, but maybe you are still wavering, or new to vintage. There are so many reasons why I love vintage furniture and have it in my home (we have hardly any new furniture) but here are the top 10 reasons why.

10 reasons to buy vintage furniture for your home

Vintage furniture looks great

There is no doubt that the clean lines of vintage furniture looks sleek and has that real Scandinavian look that is fashionable now. But then again, let’s forget fashion; the clean lines create a modern vintage feel to any room, especially pieces in real teak. They look great and you will be the envy of your friends.

Vintage furniture is ethical

Vintage furniture is already on the planet so why buy new, when you can reuse something made from years gone by? Flat pack modern furniture is mainly made overseas and flown in, creating pollution in the manufacturing process as well as transportation. Choose vintage furniture for a more sustainable choice, and hopefully, if bought  from a charity shop, you will be giving to a good cause too.

How to create a mid century vintage home office by Kate Beavis

Vintage furniture is (mostly) well made

Vintage furniture is normally really well made, with craftsmen creating a quality finish with details such as dove tailed joints, piano hinges and the use of solid wood. Furniture generally is not made like this anymore, as we demand cheaper prices as a nation, resulting in corners being cut, veneer finishes and cheaper materials. Of course you need to look for pieces that have stood the test of time such as G Plan or Ercol and continue to look after them so they last even longer.

Vintage furniture is an investment

If you buy well and look after your furniture then there is no reason why it won’t hold its value or even go up in price. If you buy from a modern shop you are unlikely to even get your money back when you decide to sell. Look out for designer names, solid teak rather than veneer and interesting, good-looking details such as legs and handles. Back when it was made it wasn’t mass-produced, making many pieces rarer therefore worth more too.

How to source mid-century furniture by Kate Beavis.com Vintage Home blog Vintage furniture

Vintage furniture is unique

What I personally love is that my home is unique, as I have chosen interesting pieces designed in the 1950s-1970s. I don’t want my home to look like a modern catalogue choosing something that reflects our personalities. I want something fun too, pieces that make me smile.

Vintage furniture is re-storable

If you do drop something on it (heaven forbid!) vintage furniture can be restored. There are products you can buy to cover scratches for teak but also you can rub down well made wooden furniture to bring it another lease of life. You cannot do that to mass-produced flat pack pieces!

How to source mid-century furniture by Kate Beavis.com Vintage Home blog vintage furniture

Vintage furniture (can be) affordable

OK, some vintage furniture can be pricey but if you compare it to modern quality items then the older versions are definitely more affordable. Shop at places like The Vintage Home Show and Furniture Flea to get a great looking piece at a great price.

Vintage furniture is robust

Moved house recently? I remember moving from a rented house to my first home back in the 1990s and my MFI furniture literally fell apart during the move! Vintage pieces are robust and can be moved without fear of them falling into pieces – but of course you need to still be careful as you don’t want to scratch it!

Vintage furniture can be re-purposed

If your old furniture is beyond repair which can sometimes happen then at least you can paint it (PLEASE only do this to items that are heading for the skip). Real wood can be sanded down and painted which laminated cheap modern pieces cannot.

Vintage little girls bedroom with vintage wallpaper as featured on Kate Beavis Vintage Home blog

Vintage furniture is nostalgic

I love when pieces in my home remind me of my family and so many pieces that we have were once owned by loved ones that have gone before us. The furniture in our daughter’s bedroom belonged to my great aunt. The swivel chairs in the lounge belonged to my husbands great uncle. This gives us a sense of nostalgia that makes us happy – and that our children love them means their spirits live on.

Want more mid century  furniture in your home? Then check out my guide to sourcing it, which I write for Real Homes Magazine. Images by Simon Whitmore for my book Style Your Modern Vintage Home




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