4 reasons why I wear vintage fashion to business events

This week I am off to a networking business event filled with entrepreneurs and journalists who I want to meet. As usual, I have been so busy juggling business and family that I haven’t had much time to prepare but the one thing that I do know is that I will be wearing vintage fashion. Why? Well obviously it is because I love it and most of my wardrobe is vintage too but actually it is for bigger reasons than that.

Kate Beavis wearing vintage fashion to business events

Image by Anne Berry

Vintage fashion is my brand

Vintage is what I “do”,  it is what I write and speak about and it is my brand so it is important that what people physically see shows them what I do; that the two go hand in hand. Whatever you choose to wear to an event, whether it be a networking day or selling at a trade show or vintage fair, it is important that you consider how you represent your brand through what you are wearing. If you own a luxury business I would expect you to be polished. If you are a coach I would expect something approachable. You know your brand and what it stands for, so before you grab anything from the wardrobe; stop, think, and choose accordingly.

Vintage fashion makes me unique

There is no denying that anyone that turns up in a 1970s maxi dress is going to stand out! (spoiler alert!) Obviously I don’t want to stand out in a scary way, but being memorable is always good. I have been to similar events in the past, with directors from Marie Claire and Grazia who both commented on my dress (vintage of course). Then when I wrote to them afterwards, on Twitter and then by email they remembered me. OK they remembered my dress first, but that is still a huge win! And because of it, and a good pitch, I ended up writing a piece for Marie Claire on how I started by vintage business.  If vintage isn’t for you, think about adding one stand out item to your look such as a great handbag or add a flower in your hair – something that you can be remembered by.

Vintage fashion makes me comfortable

So you have chosen an outfit that represents your brand and gives you credible stand out, but it is so important that you feel comfortable. Many of us have to travel on trains to get to events, then we need to sit or stand all day so you need to wear something that isn’t restrictive or creases heavily. I always travel in sandals or converse then change when I get there. There is usually a cloak room where you can drop things off if they won’t fit in your handbag but if in doubt check as part of your preparation.

Vintage fashion makes me feel me

Probably the most important reason why I will be wearing vintage fashion to a business event or indeed any event is that vintage is me. Yes you need to dress for your brand, be comfortable, have some stand out but whatever you choose you must feel like you. Then you can truly be yourself. And when you are comfortable in your own skin (and 1970s polyester) then good things happen. People see a confident person (even when you are not always inside) and someone that they can trust. As you are being you.

For anyone going to Soulful PR on Thursday come and say hi. I’ll be the one in the mad coloured maxi dress and changing my shoes under the table.

I have also written about how to wear vintage to the office and how to improve your confidence when wearing vintage which may help you to choose what to wear too.

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