3 Office Design Ideas To Keep Your Team Happy

Happy employees are important. If they’re happy, the likelihood is that they’ll be far more productive. And like your home, the environment you create, matters.  One of the best things is in keeping the office space fresh. If your office has brilliant amenities then your team is simply going to enjoy their working day a whole lot more. Each business owner goes about this in a different way, and finding what works for you and your team might take some trial and error. Here are some top tips to get your office design aimed in the right direction.


3 Office Design Ideas To Keep Your Team Happy


Is The Staff Bathroom On Point?


People spend a lot of time there so it’s certainly somewhere you should pay some attention to. With more people cycling and running to work these days, it pays to have a shower. Perhaps multiple showers depending on the amount of staff you have. If you can make these spaces calm and relaxing then people who have exercised on their way in can start work feeling fresh. Think about pvc shower panels and ensuring the space doesn’t look grotty by painting it up a little. How you decorate it depends on your taste, but for extra brownie points ask your employees how they’d like it to look. Showing that you care about what they want and think will go a long way. 


Nail The Break Room


Employees need to have that disconnect from work. They need to leave their desk or work area and be able to come back feeling refreshed. For them to do this, they need somewhere to relax. Sure, if your office is in the city in a good location they can go to a coffee shop or park, but it’s nice to have the option of a good quality breakroom. You need amenities like a microwave, maybe an oven and a sink so they can cook food. Consider a coffee machine too, maybe a TV for people to watch. The decoration and decor should be different in comparison to the main work area so people can get a true disconnect from their work. You might even offer something fun like a pool table to give people something to bond over. 


3 Office Design Ideas To Keep Your Team Happy


Incorporate Wellness

Wellness is huge in the life of your employee. If your employees are well and happy, they’ll be better at work. The style and substance of the office has to be conducive to this wellness. Are the chairs good or are they old and painful to sit on for too long? What kind of schemes do you have for wellness? Are your staff staring at the screen all day long, in which case you should consider eye care in the shape of optometrist vouchers or subsidies for eye tests. If they’re ignoring their health, work productivity will decrease. Besides, this goes further because you’re actively encouraging them to stay well and it shows you care. A lot of places are trying to build exercise areas into office space too, like gymnasiums. Not everyone can do this but it might be something to think about.


There are loads of other things to consider but having worked in an office for many years, getting these three things right will make a huge difference.


3 Office Design Ideas To Keep Your Team Happy


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