3 Ways To Move House On A Budget

It might not seem possible to move home if you have a strict budget to stick to, especially if that budget is fairly low. However, you can move on a small budget, and you can do so quite comfortably. It all comes down to plenty of planning and staying as calm as possible throughout. Panicking and rushing will only ever mean you have to spend more than you should. Read on to find out just how to move house on a budget and see what a difference it could make to your life.


3 Ways To Move House On A Budget


Spend Money On A Removals Firm 

If you’re on a budget, it can certainly be tempting to try to move house without paying for a removals firm. Although this will save you money, it’s not a good idea, and most of the time, you’ll find you have to pay out more in insurance, fuel, parking, and of course, your time, than you ever would with good removal firm in place. 

It’s also much quicker to use a specialist firm, so you can start settling into your new home as quickly as possible. Think of the removals firm in the same terms as you would conveyancing solicitors if you’re buying and selling a property; you could do the work yourself, but it’s really much better not to. If you’re going to pay for anything, let it be this. 

You can save even more money if you move at off-peak times of the year or even week. September is a quiet period for moving, so you might be able to get a bargain. It’s also cheaper to move mid-week than it is to move on a Friday or a Monday. 


3 Ways To Move House On A Budget

Find Cheap Packing Materials 

It might surprise you to learn that even with an excellent removal firm in place at a reasonable price, the packing materials you need, such as cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and tape, can add up to a lot of money. It’s a good idea to search around for the best prices on these items, rather than just assume that your chosen removals company will give you a good deal.

Often you can find packing boxes for free, for example. Ask on Facebook in a local group, and it’s likely someone will have some they want to dispose of. 


3 Ways To Move House On A Budget

Second Hand Furniture 

Assuming you’re moving into a larger property or perhaps you’re moving out of your parent’s place for the first time, you’re going to need to buy furniture. You might already have a bed, but what about a sofa and chairs? A dining table and chairs? Cabinets and wardrobes? If you need any of these things, trying to add them to your already stretched budget can be a problem, but you can’t manage in a new place without these things. 

The answer is to buy second hand furniture. Check out local charity shops and listings on eBay or Gumtree and similar selling sites. You should be able to find some good furniture for a fraction of the price you would pay if you bought it brand new. 



Have you moved recently? How did you save money?


3 Ways To Move House On A Budget



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