Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For For Your Ex Pat Mum

Life can be extremely challenging during a pandemic and one of the toughest things we have had to deal with over the past twelve months is not being there for those big moments and celebrations. Mother’s Day 2021 is sadly no exception, and British mothers face the prospect of not seeing their sons or daughters on their big day for the second year running. For that reason, there can be quite a weight of expectation when it comes to what to get your mum but if you are struggling to come up with any of your own Mother’s Day gift ideas, then fear not as I have a few suitable ideas for you, especially if she is in another country.


  1. Hamper


One of the best Mother’s Day surprises I can think of is sending over a hamper bursting with your mum’s favourite British goodies. If she is in another country as an ex pat mum, how about a jar of Marmite, a bottle of Heinz ketchup, some Cadbury’s chocolate, or a packet of her favourite sausages, be sure to stock up and make sure your mum receives all her favourites from back home that you simply can’t find in foreign supermarkets! Not only is this a very thoughtful idea but it will also help her feel more connected to the UK – and you – this Mother’s Day. The shipping costs might be eye-watering but this idea is definitely worth consideration! Just be prepared to pay a few EU import taxes.


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For When You Can't Be With Her


  1. Flowers


Flowers are notoriously a brilliant Mother’s Day gift but can often be difficult to send if your mother is living in another country. Fortunately, there are firms that specialise in sending flowers across the globe for you by sourcing them locally. You can send flowers to Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, or wherever your mum now calls home and it doesn’t cost the earth either. Be sure to pick out her favourite flowers a custom-make an arrangement that you know she will love. I think this is a really thoughtful idea, and she will probably be amazed at how you managed to send a fresh floral bouquet all that way! 


Flowers - Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For When You Can't Be With Her


  1. Travel Vouchers


Rather than a standard gift certificate for Amazon or Netflix, why not get your hands on a travel voucher with a trip for your mum in mind? Not only will you be supporting the hospitality and leisure industry at such a difficult financial time for them, but you will also give your mum something to look forward to. If you don’t have the headspace to plan a whole trip for her right now, then these vouchers could go towards her next visit home to see you or other members of your family. This will mean a lot to your mum and being able to plan ahead is getting a lot of people through the tail end of the pandemic. 


Hopefully, these three ideas have inspired you into getting something great for your mum this Mother’s Day if she is in another country, or indeed here. It’s never easy trying to ship a thoughtful gift abroad, fortunately, these ideas are all pretty straightforward to pull off.


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For When You Can't Be With Her


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