Are Your Clothes Causing You Harm?

The clothes you wear could be causing you harm (let alone causing harm to the planet!). As someone that has had a hiatus hernia as a result of wearing shapewear too long, and needs a foot operation, therefore, has to choose the right shoes – I can first hand tell your clothes can cause you harm.  Here are just a few ways in which your wardrobe could be a danger to your health.


Are Your Clothes Causing You Harm?


Too tight

Tight clothing such as skinny jeans and shapewear can be great for complementing one’s figure. However, this can come at a cost if you wear it too often. Such clothing is known to restrict blood flow, which can lead to all kinds of problems from nerve damage to muscle damage. 


You should particularly avoid wearing clothes that are a size too small. Many people force themselves into jeans that are too small, increasing the risk of problems. In other cases, people accidentally buy the wrong size such as a bra that is too small. A bra that is too tight could restrict blood flow and increase the risk of breast cancer – it’s, therefore, essential to buy the right size bra (this bra size calculator could be a handy tool to use). Generally speaking, if clothing feels uncomfortably tight, it’s probably doing you harm.



Poor support

Some clothing may not offer your body the support it needs. This is particularly the case with incorrect footwear. If you’re constantly on your feet all day, wearing shoes such as heels could be a bad decision – heels are renowned for causing damage to joints in the ankles, knees, hips and even lower back. 


Flat shoes could be a much better option and will give your joints the support they need. If you’re doing activities such as running, a pair of specialist running shoes should be purchased – these will provide extra support to compensate for the high impact. Sneakers such as Converse won’t cut it either as advised by my physiotherapist!


Are Your Clothes Causing You Harm?



No breathability

Some fabrics such as nylon and silk are not very breathable. This could result in you sweating more in these materials – which makes them unsuitable for physical activity. On top of getting very hot, such fabrics could also increase the risk of skin irritation, especially in lingerie. It can therefore be a good idea to ditch them.


The most breathable material is merino wool. This material is also moisture-wicking – which means that it repels sweat. Many winter activewear clothes are made from this material. 


Allergy triggers

Some people can develop allergies to certain fabrics such as spandex or polyester. This can result in contact dermatitis – causing cracked and itchy skin. In other cases, certain detergents may cause allergic reactions in some people such as wheezing and a runny nose.


Tracking these allergies is important so that you can avoid the triggers. Cotton is regarded as one of the most hypoallergenic fabrics – very few people encounter any reaction to it. There are also hypoallergenic detergents on the market that you can use if this is the trigger.


I love allergy friendly lingerie brand Juliemay which has created products that are made from cruelty-free Pima cotton and Peace silk – perfect of you have allergies or itchy skin.


Have you heard of any of these issues? Or is this news to you?


Are Your Clothes Causing You Harm?




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