Mince pies in minutes

We have just made the quickest mince pies…they literally take minutes! They are actually more like mince buns. Our ones (mine and Herbies) havent turned out to be the prettiest but I can assure you they are the tastiest, and quickest!

As always, we do it in a retro style! Everything in our kitchen is orange and dates from the 60s/70s! (The kitchen itself isnt orange….but after the renovation who knows!)

It’s actually Kirstie Allsop’s recipe so I’m totally cheating!

I use ready made puff pastry. Roll out half of it into a flat, thin square shape. Our rolling pin is still packed away so I had to run round to the neighbours house to borrow theirs. They didnt make comment on my 70s retro flower pinny!

Cut the pastry into squares about 3″. Spoon ready made mincemeat into the centre of each square.

NewsFlash! Mincemeat isnt actually meat! Herbie was very upset that we were making meat pies as we are all veggie!. I did explain but he wasnt having any of it!

Fold the edges of the pastry up and pinch together, a bit like onions.

Turn them upside down so the flat side is upwards. Place them on a greased tray.

Paint beated egg on them so they are glossy when cooked. Cut a tiny hole in the top of each so they dont burst. Throw them in the oven…I used gas mark 5 until golden brown.

All in all took 10 mins to make, 10 mins to cook!

Serve on vintage cake stands (of course), pour cream over and tuck in!

simple! Oh and they have all gone, in about the same time it took to make them.


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