Making Vintage Your Business: Networking

This may sound like a corporate activity but “networking” with other vintage businesses is a worthwhile thing to do! Being proactive and meeting likeminded people is not only valuable for your business, but offers you some personal support and words of encouragement.

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The best ways of networking is via social media or by going to vintage fairs & events. Don’t be concerned if you meet competitors or those offering similar services to you; getting to know people will boost your brand and increase sales.

Here are three reasons why this can really help your business:

Sharing knowledge

Whether it’s about pricing items or mundane tasks like book keeping, having a chance to share information and suggestions is very useful.

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A chance to work with others

Whether it’s a photo-shoot or a joint event more opportunities may come your way.


If it’s a question of the best fairs to sell at or where to get your flyers printed, suggestions from others can be invaluable to save you time & money.

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Vintage Academy runs a weekly vintage business networking opportunity via Twitter every Monday 9pm-10pm #vintagebizhour

Why not join the ultimate networking opportunity for vintage businesses at VintageBizClub? Find out more here

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