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In todays vintage nostalgia blog read all of Your Vintage Life’s ‘Do you Remember’ posts from this weeks shorter list due to the bank holiday.  So, what do you remember?

Did you remember wearing large blue gym knickers in the 1970s and 80’s as part of your gym kit?  Not a great look really was it!?!  Bottle green ones and ones with *ahem* go faster stripes on them were remembered too…no wonder we were all begging our mum to write us letters to be excused from PE!
KerPlunk was a great game whether you played it on the 60’s (it launched in 1967) or play the modern version now.  Bit of a pain to set up but like all good games is a great mix of physical challenge, tension and competitiveness.  The name of the game comes from the sound of the marbles tumbling to the base of the tube when a straw is removed, which if you play it the way we do, you hear quite a lot!
Who used to watch Paddington Bear on TV and who was lucky enough to have one of these gorgeous bears?  They were very expensive at the time and hard to get hold of.  The very polite bear from darkest Peru with his old hat, battered suitcase duffle coat and love of marmalade sandwiches has become a classic character from English children’s literature and you cant help but love him.  The first Paddington toy was created in 1972 by Shirley and Eddie Clarkson, the parents of presenter Jeremy Clarkson. They dressed the stuffed bear in Wellington boots to help it stand upright which was not part of the original Michael Bond description (although Paddington did receive wellingtons for Christmas in Paddington Marches On) and we now all think of him wearing them.
Why Don’t You? or Why Don’t You Just Switch Off Your Television Set and Go Out and Do Something Less Boring Instead? was a BBC children’s television series broadcast between 1973 and 1995 in the morning during the Summer school holidays. The shows mainly consisted of gangs of children responding to letters from viewers who wrote into the show suggesting games, ‘makes’ and days out.  Did you take its advice?
Who remembers playing with a Rubik’s Snake back in the 1980s?  After the Rubik’s Cube this was such a best seller….how many things could you make from it?  We remembered making a straight line (we could definitely do that one!), a ball, a dog, a duck, a rectangle, a snake, a cat, a bird, and a castle… But the big question was could you do a Cobra or an Ostrich?

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