Why Luxury Vinyl Click Flooring Is Perfect for Every Room in the House

Following on from yesterday’s post sharing which floor is best for each room in the house, I thought I would share more about luxury vinyl click flooring (LVT) and how well it can work in your home, indeed in every room.  LVT is a type of flooring which is made from several layers of PVC vinyl. The PVC is mixed with many different compounds to increase its hardness and then multiple sheets of the material are compressed together.  

Usually, the manufacturer will then add a decorative layer which is embossed to mimic the natural appearance of wood or stone. In recent years, luxury vinyl click flooring has become a popular choice among interior designers because of its versatility. It looks brilliant in every room of the house.  

But if you need further convincing, here’s why LVT flooring is the perfect choice for your home. 


Why Luxury Vinyl Click Flooring Is Perfect for Every Room in the House


The Bathroom 

Luxury vinyl click flooring is perfect for bathrooms because the material is water-resistant. This means the surface is impermeable, so it will not buckle or swell because it cannot absorb water. The same can’t be said for other materials like wood and carpet, which are very porous.  

As such, homeowners don’t need to worry about the floor rotting with LVT. They can easily soak up excess water from the bath or shower using a mop on the vinyl tile. Also, LVT is warmer than laminate, which is another popular choice for bathrooms. 


The Kitchen 

The kitchen is prone to messiness because of all the food preparation that goes on within. Therefore, homeowners should invest in flooring which is low maintenance and easy to clean for their kitchen. These are both qualities that luxury vinyl click flooring has.  

Like we mentioned before, LVT is impermeable. This means spillages are easy enough to wipe up without staining the flooring. Unlike carpet, you don’t need to pull out a hoover for luxury vinyl click floors, either. Any crumbs can be quickly and easily brushed away. 


Why Luxury Vinyl Click Flooring Is Perfect for Every Room in the House


The Dining Room 

Furniture is constantly being moved around in the dining room, meaning the floor around the dining chairs tends to get scratched up. Fortunately, luxury vinyl click flooring is a scratch-resistant and durable material. This means you don’t have to worry about it losing its appearance over time.  

What’s more, the durability of LVT floors makes them a very cost-effective option. They are affordable and last longer than some other materials, so you don’t need to replace them as frequently. 


The Living Room 

The living room is supposed to be aesthetically pleasing, which is why luxury vinyl click flooring is perfect for it. LVT has a decorative top layer that imitates the appearance of real oak, stone, parquet, and so on.  

This decorative layer is also embossed with grooves, giving it further texture and definition. As a result, the finished product looks beautiful. This makes LVT a brilliant choice for living rooms with a modern or elegant aesthetic.  

I recommend pairing the material with a fab rug for added luxury. 


If it weren’t apparent already, luxury vinyl click flooring is suitable for every room in the house. Not only is it water-resistant, durable, versatile and low maintenance, but it also looks gorgeous wherever you install it.  


Why Luxury Vinyl Click Flooring Is Perfect for Every Room in the House 

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