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We have often said how much we love Habitat’s style especially their iconic ranges from the 1960s and 1970s. The fact that they were the first UK store to sell a pasta jar, a duvet and a paper moon light shade makes them real trail blazers in design. Today though, rather than looking back we want to share their new Spring Summer 2014 range.

habitat header

“The new range brings form and function to the forefront in a variety of inventive ways and introduces a range of fresh new materials to the Habitat portfolio that explore a simple, pared down approach to design. Five statement stories stand out this season each using material, texture and colour in different, sometimes contrasting, visual ways, but all championing Habitat’s founding principles of fun, affordable and remarkable design” – Habitat


A blurring of edges is central to this look with semi transparent materials used in furniture and lighting to allow the construction to create the idea of a transparent shell. The new Soko cabinets which have received lots of press already,  incorporate semi-transparent sliding doors and back panels allowing light to filter through the structure, objects inside becoming abstract silhouettes creating new shapes and pattern. Elsewhere thin washes of colour over timber – through which the original surface texture can show – are prevalent and in textiles, overlapping translucent colours generate new colours from unexpected overlaps.

soka habitat

Our favourite pieces are these cabinets which remind us of Japanese design. Why not display your cool shaped items inside with the light behind creating interesting shadows such as retro phones or maybe a 1970s teak stag?


Taking inspiration from the Pop Art generation of the 1960s, monotone optical print and pattern bring a vivid sense of depth when applied to a variety of flat surfaces. The Viola cabinet becomes an unavoidable statement piece with bold optic patterning applied to door panels and the Taoko collection brings a fresh update with graphic prints transposed onto dark wood frames.

Our favourite pieces are the Pixelate range of bedding with its bright optical design.

pixelate habitat



Simple, calming shapes with a hand finished quality are central to this look – edges are soft, designs tactile and curvy which emanate a hand-crafted warmth. The Esterban collection of recycled glass vessels seem to have been ‘squidged’ by hand to their irregular bulgy shapes and the Ayres table and chairs have curved edging and wide lollipop stick legs to add a softened, organic edge which is further complemented by the Alt ceramic pendant shade.

esterban glass Habitat

We love these yellow chairs, they will look great in family spaces especially against a white kitchen. This acid yellow is so on trend this year but if there are kids involved it will never date.

ayres habitat 2


Designs are stripped back to a simplistic, pared down state – reduced to refined elements that offer maximum versatility for different spaces. The pared down Haris seating unit with its clean linear structure makes a strong statement on its own as well as when grouped and the striking new Miles storage with its bold green agate plays on the ‘put together’ look and can equally be used in a big dramatic block or in single units for equal effect.

haris habitat

We love these storage units with their modular style and zingy colours.

miles habitat


Clean, almost skeletal shapes are prevalent with exposed, angular frameworks in furniture and strong geometric shape and patterning across textiles and upholstery. The Nic home office collection with striking sharp neon frame slices dramatically through a room while the Bip overreach light is a simple idea with its clean, geometric shapes using interesting mixed materials. For tabletop, Hexa is a totally faceted tabletop range in a strong combination of matt black and yellow gloss to make a bold contemporary statement.

nic habitat


hexa habitat

We especially love this Sebbi quilt with its geometric patterns which is in soft pastel shades rather than brights.

sebbi habitat quilt

These are also some other looks and styles we love:

Hester chairs for their bright legs with a simple ply seat. They are stackable too-  practical as well as cool!

hester dining habitat

These geometric, retro patterned ceramics alongside bright furniture.

tira habitat

talia habitat

Which look is your favourite?

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