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Those of you who follow this blog will know we have a slight orange obsession…ok, ok, we have a HUGE orange obsession. It all started when Adam was on a quest for an orange teapot which then triggered a buying spree of everything, and I mean everything orange for his kitchen.

furniture feb kitchen 054When my grandma passed away in 2007, I was a left some money. Most of it paid for my maternity leave but I allowed myself to splash out on 2 things – 1 for me and 1 for Adam. I got a mirrored chest of drawers and Adam got an orange SMEG. Finally his orange kitchen collection was complete…or so we thought!

retro orange washing machine

Browsing on Facebook last week my lovely friend Kim tagged me in a post about orange washing machines. Not just washing machines though, tumble dryers too! They are so cool, energy-efficient (as modern appliances are) and, well orange! They are made by Gorenje who also make great retro styled fridge freezers such as this metallic one.

retro fridge

Modern vintage appliances can make a plain modern kitchen shout WOW! So with this in mind I started to see what else was out there in the market place.

First up is another washing machine by SMEG that has a door on the front to hide it away from the world. In pastels such as  baby blue and pink it is a 1950s lover’s dream.

vintage washing machine


They also make dishwashers to match..such clever people!

vintage washing machine 2


Well thanks to Kim, I then spent most of the day browsing Pinterest to find other people’s kitchens, to ogle and salivate over their modern vintage appliances.

vintage fridge 2


vintage fridge 1


vintage fridge 3source

retro fridge 4

 This one is from Big Chill

vintage fridge 4


retro oven


retro fridge 3


vintage fridge 5


vintage fridge 6


vintage fridge 7


vintage fridge 8


vintage kitchen

This last one is from the Big Chill website. So some of these shots have been professionally styled and some belong to real home owners but I’m sure you will agree they are all inspiring.

Which one is your favourite?

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  1. 30 October 2014 / 5:42 pm

    I LOVE your orange Smeg! I always wonder why more companies don’t make their ‘white goods’ multi-coloured!

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