Itchy Ears: The Most Annoying Menopause Symptom


The one menopause symptom I’ve had every day for 8 years is itchy ears. Here I explain why your ears itch and ways to help the itching.


One Of The Most Annoying Menopause Symptoms That You Need To Know


The one symptom I’ve had every day for eight years of my menopause journey is, itchy ears!

Day in and day out I am itching my ears, particularly at night.

The reason for this is the lack of oestrogen.

When your oestrogen levels drop, your body goes dry, especially in your orifices like your ears, which leads to itchiness!

Antihistamines can help as can using oils such as coconut oil.

HRT is also good obviously for your oestrogen but ultimately it hasn’t stopped my itching.

Tell me, do you have itchy ears in menopause?



If you feel that any of these apply, please visit your doctor to get help and support.




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