6 ways to improve productivity tomorrow, before you go to bed today

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about how to improve productivity, challenging myself to establish how productive I am at work and in my home. I created a free printable to help with this challenge, and I have heard many times from you that this has helped to identify where time is wasted. But also how it has helped to create time for yourself in an often overrun schedule.

6 ways to improve productivity before you go to bed by Kate Beavis.com (vintage bedroom image)

I find however, what works really well is setting yourself up to succeed by doing these 6 simple tasks to improve productivity before you go to bed. Don’t get me wrong, there are some evenings when I kick back and do nothing but without fail I find that I am late, stressed and behind all the next morning. And this will then lead to a less productive day!

Plan the next day’s activity

Before I go to sleep I write a list of what I need to do tomorrow. I often will have started this before I close the laptop in the early evening, but I always revisit my notepad before I turn in. This list will include home activities that need doing such as cleaning the guinea pigs (I thought that was my children’s job) and paying for guitar lessons. It helps me to sleep knowing that the list has been written and I don’t need to keep worrying reminding myself about it all night.

Clean the kitchen

If I come down to chaos in the morning, my mood turns instantly. It’s as if those dirty plates are literally taunting me! A calm mind is needed for a productive day, so I make sure that I clear up, load the dishwasher, clean the worktops, sweep the floor and organise the kitchen table before I end the day. I find that it is easy to do this while I am boiling the kettle for my evening cuppa.

Organise the kid’s stuff

Before I go to bed, I check my children’s homework books, answer any letters and try to make their packed lunch. Again, with one less thing to do in the morning, it helps me to feel less rushed before I have even started work and again I find I have improve productivity

Set out my clothes for the morning

This is something that I always did when I had a full time job and I try to continue with this planning now. I will lay out what I am going to wear and if I don’t have time, I will decide in my head. This saves so much time in the morning as well as ensures that I am wearing something nice. When I am dressed up as if I was going somewhere my results rocket.. I am definitely not a work in her PJs kinda girl. And on the odd days that I do, my focus dips.

Watch the news

The only time I sit and watch the news (apart from scrolling through the odd online article) is at the end of the day. I am not sure if this leads to better focus the next day, but I find that it brings the day to a natural end. Rather than watching a new programme (which is often rubbish) I will watch the news headlines on the news channel. As this tends to run in a cycle, I naturally switch off, both mentally and physically after 20 minutes.

Drink plenty of water

I gave up alcohol 18 months ago which has helped me to sleep better without waking up in the night. I also feel much better in the morning too. I now drink 1.5 litres of water an evening as well as a hot drink which leave me fully hydrated the next day, helping me with my concentration and mood.

Vintage bedroom with mirrored furniture by Kate Beavis Vintage Home Blog

I try to get 8.5 hours sleep a night which is something I have become obsessed with since wearing my activity tracker. I am not a morning person, often finding my creativity at night-time which is a problem when I have to get up, no matter what, in the morning. So I am having to train myself into a morning person, and these 6 simple things really help me to improve productivity.

What is your evening routine? Any tips to share?

Kate x





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