Sunday Salutations: what I am thankful for this week

I have been so busy this week, cramming three weeks work into one so that I can enjoy a few weeks off at the start of the summer holidays. With this in mind, I haven’t really had time to stop and think about what I am thankful for this week, and am having to take time to close down my “to do” list in my head to focus on what has been great this week.

Sunday Salutations from Kate Beavis

It has been another tough week in the world, and while this makes me worry for the planet and my children’s future, it also makes me thankful for what I do have. Life is for living and you cannot hide away. Choose positivity and happiness. I am thankful for my family.

My kids are so excited about the holidays, they literally are bursting! And Kitty’s 6th birthday is next week so the countdown is definitely on!

I have bought a new URL for a new project to be announced very soon (exciting!!)

The images came back from the shoot I styled last week and they are fabulous!!! I can’t wait for you to all see it in September’s Vintage Life magazine.

I finished two of our 4 sets of accounts and sent them off to the accountant. I hate accounts but am feeling pretty smug that half of them are done 6 months early!

A great call with my coach reminding me about what is important in life

Discovering Meet Edgar to help me with my social media scheduling – not heard of it? Go see!

Kissing my kids on the lips because I can and I will (as long as they will let me!) I put a photo of it on Twitter and only has one douche bag telling me it was “inappropriate” (He is now blocked!)

Finishing sorting, decluttering, filing all the paper mess in my lounge/cupboard under the stairs. The room has looked like a bomb site for two weeks but now it is lovely and the best bit is that I can find everything! (Plan is to do a cupboard a day throughout the holidays)

Peace and love

Kate x


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