Sunday Salutations: What I am thankful for this week

I really enjoyed writing last week’s blog so have decided to try to write it weekly. I am not sure if you read it/liked it, but it helped me to think back to what I was thankful for rather than focusing on any negatives.

Sunday Salutations from Kate Beavis

So this week I am thankful for:

Being able to work on styled shoots in the sunshine. On Wednesday, a fab team gathered in a vineyard to recreate a little bit of France for a wedding shoot for Vintage Life magazine.

I received on the same day, all of the images from my family poppy field shoot. It is so beautiful to see my children full of life and happiness. The photos were by Sharon Cooper.

My children had glowing school reports which brought me to tears.

Being able to go to sports day and watch my daughter run like the wind!

The sun finally coming out and having a few hours to potter about, planting flowers and having a barbecue.

Not wanting to go to a local festival, but dragging myself there, to end up dancing the night away. Realising that I mustn’t write something off before I have tried it!

Preparing a pitch for a new piece of work on an exciting new project (fingers crossed!)

Finishing 3 magazine articles and sending them off in time!

Knowing that I will be soon on a beach far away!

kate Beavis in a poppy field in Hitchin photographed by Sharon Cooper


Have a great week everyone,

Kate x

All photos by Sharon Cooper.


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