HRT: Do I Need To Take Both Oestrogen And Progesterone?


One of the questions that I’m asked is what type of hormones I need to take if I want to take HRT for my menopause symptoms. Here is a quick guide:


A Quick Simple Guide To HRT That You Need To Know


If you still have a womb: you need combined HRT which is estrogen and progesterone, I get my estrogen from HRT but get my progesterone as a result of the Mirena coil.

If you don’t have a womb: you do not need to take progesterone, you can just have estrogen HRT!


So when you are talking to your doctor about this make sure you are clear about which one you need. This is very important as the progesterone part protects your uterus.


If you are struggling with menopause, please visit your doctor to get help and support.

HRT: Do I Need To Take Both Oestrogen And Progesterone?


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