How To Get Beautiful Photographs Of Your Kids

Getting good photographs of your children is no easy feat believe me. Kids get restless, want to play, start crying and then what you’re left with is a whole load of chaos – not anything you can put on your family Christmas cards (or your Instagram grid!). Plus if they’re teenagers like mine, they won’t smile for anyone!  Your children are only kids once, so you want to make the most of it and get great pictures of them while they are young. That doesn’t mean you need to spend a load of money on hiring a photographer. In this post, I’ll take a look at some ways you can get great pictures with your kids, stress-free.


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How To Get Beautiful Pictures Of Your Kids

Make It Fun

What do kids want? To have fun, of course! So, you should try to incorporate this in your photoshoots. Set up self timer and burst mode on your camera, and let the rest fall into place. Get yourself in the garden on a nice day, blow bubbles, play with a sprinkler, or get your pets involved playing frisbee. With this, you should end up with candid pictures, and your kids won’t even find it a chore!


Bribe Them!

Although this may sound a little unethical, sometimes needs must. If you give your kids an incentive to sit and take pictures with you, then they’re much more likely to want to do it. This could be anything from taking them to their favourite restaurant or letting them have 15 extra minutes playing video games, depending on what your child loves. This isn’t something that you do every day so it’s okay to give them something in exchange for their time and effort, just this once!


Create A Focus Point

If your kids are under the age of 10, then you might need to provide a distraction for them to concentrate on behind the camera. This way, you should be able to get them still long enough to get some nice pictures of their face as they relax. Distractions could be provided by another family member, the TV, or some sort of game. Make use of what’s around you but beware, as the distractions probably won’t captivate them for too long. Get your snapshots in as quickly as possible!


How To Get Beautiful Pictures Of Your Kids

Dress Them Up

If your kids love superheroes or Disney characters, then get them an outfit to dress up in. Not only will they be happy to show this off, but they’re also more likely to pose for pictures if they’re channelling their idols. Give it a go!


Although sometimes it can seem impossible to get a good picture of your kids, there’s always a way. With a little persistence and effort, you’re sure to get the images you’re aiming for! 


How To Get Beautiful Photographs Of Your Kids

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