How To Make Sure That Your Hoodies & Knits Last Longer

If you like and own many hoodies, cardigans, or pullovers, you are more than familiar with how comfortable they are to wear. However, after some time, these garments tend to lose their shape, size and more. Looking after your clothing so that it lasts longer and looks good longer is a way to be more sustainable, as you don’t need to keep buying new.


Although hoodies and the garments mentioned above don’t require extra maintenance, quite the opposite, there are some things that you should consider to maintain their quality and make them last longer. This is especially true if you have custom made hoodies. 


How To Make Sure That Your Hoodies & Knits Last Longer


Every type of clothing has its own little secrets that can boost its lifespan. With that being said, here are some tips on how to make sure that your hoodie retains its quality for a long time to come! They work for most types of clothing too!


Avoid Frequent Washing 


When we wear hoodies, we frequently wear a shirt or other garment underneath. If you often wash your hoodie, it might lose its softness, apart from enduring other damages. Thus, you should wear them a couple of times before washing them. 


This habit or unwritten rule should be the same for any item that our skin doesn’t come into contact.


If you perform outdoor activities, use a strong deodorant and change your hoodie as soon as you get home. This way, the smell of sweat might not get into it. 


How To Make Sure That Your Hoodies & Knits Last Longer


Don’t Wash in Warm Water


Hoodies, pullovers, and cardigans shouldn’t be washed in warm water. When you do wash them, do so in cold water. Use a mild detergent when washing these types of garments. When it comes to delicate clothes made out of silk, cotton, or wool, you should be extra careful and use a mild detergent and run the wash on a gentle cycle.  


This way, you can clean your hoodie without damaging it. Another important thing to consider is that you shouldn’t wash your hoodie with other types of clothes. This is because other clothes could cause friction in the washing process and damage your hoodie over time. 


Washing your hoodie in cold water will ensure that your screen print doesn’t fade and the colors on your hoodie won’t fade. Harsh cleaning detergents and bleach should also be avoided when cleaning your custom hoodie. 


Turn Clothing Inside-Out


You should always turn your clothes inside-out before washing them, especially if you have a custom print on the front. The same stands true for pullovers and cardigans. Another good tip is to zip up your hoodie before putting it inside the washer. This way, you will protect the print design by avoiding friction with other clothes. 


How To Make Sure That Your Hoodies & Knits Last Longer




Putting your hoodies in the air dryer, especially if they have printed logos, artworks, or other things designed on them, is a significant damaging factor to your model. Instead, it would be best if you air-dried the hoodie. 


Through air-drying, you will also ensure that your hoodie doesn’t shrink. The same applies to pullovers and cardigans. Tumble dry the clothes with low heat, and if you are thinking about ironing your screen-printed areas, you should stop right now. 


Ironing produces a lot of heat forced unto your garment, and even if you set the lowest temperature, if you go with the iron above the printed area, you will damage it. This damage is irreversible, and you will have to get a new customized hoodie. 


Store  Properly 


Many people underestimate the importance of adequately storing their clothes. If you just throw your hoodie here and there, the fabrics will eventually begin to loosen. Also, if you keep tops on a thin metallic hanger, you might damage it. 


Hoodies are relatively heavier than other types of clothing. Their weight can work against them. The best way to store a hoodie is by using a sturdier hanger. If you have moths in your home, you should get rid of them before they start chewing on your clothes. 


How To Make Sure That Your Hoodies & Knits Last Longer

Custom Hoodie 


Finally, if you want a hoodie that will last you long, you should go with a customised hoodie. You can choose what artwork and material will go into the hoodie – meaning it’s personalised and you love it more. Some fabrics are better than others, but if you want long-lasting artwork, the best thing to do is go with embroidery printing on your hoodie. 


Embroidery printing is very resistant and of top quality. Large embroidery designs are heavy and might distort the image in time. If you go with this option, remember to choose medium or small designs for your hoodie. 


Also, if you go with embroidery printing on your hoodie, you should choose thicker fabrics. This way, you will also ensure that your hoodie and the design/model will last for many years. 


How To Make Sure That Your Hoodies & Knits Last Longer


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