How To Make Your Home Office A Happy (Therefore Productive) Place

Happiness and home office seem to be two opposites – how can you be happy in a place where they have to work? We’ve all had bad days where the pressure is constantly rising. So thinking of the home office as a happy place might be inconceivable. Yet, the truth is that despite stressful work deadlines or difficult clients, you can still come to your home office with a smile on your face.  


Working from home can be both a blessing and a curse. You save yourself the stress of commuting and managing coworkers. Yet, you miss the positive interactions of physically working with friends, the office banter and the friendly tea and coffee rounds — it might not seem like much, but it can significantly boost your mood. The home office can be lonely too. So how do you bring everyday mood boosters into your decor? 


How To Make Your Home Office A Happy (Therefore Productive) Place




Offices tend to accumulate clutter. Before you know it, your desk is covered in loose notes, mail, and “stuff”. Clutter is not just distracting. It is also stressful and can affect your mood negatively. The presence of clutter turns your home office into a high-pressure environment even before you start with the day. 

Understandably, it can be tricky to keep on top of your work-related material. But that’s why it can be useful to introduce an organisation strategy, so you can keep everything you need at hand’s reach. Unused notes and documents can be destroyed and removed or digitised for safe-keeping. 


How Can Your Small Property Accommodate A Home Office?

Add plants


Why plants? The presence of greenery instantly transforms a room. Ultimately, plants should be easy to manage, suited to your environment, including light and temperature, and fit within the space available — a huge plant will be overwhelming in a small home office. You can refer to plant nurseries such as Poplar Nurseries to find the best options for your home office. 

Plants produce oxygen, which boosts your brain functions. It also helps the brain relax, which reduces your stress levels. Besides, houseplants are also an elegant addition to the interior that can act as a soundproof barrier. 


Pick happy colours


What are happy colours? You might be tempted to refer to childish patterns and shades, using bright hues to channel energy and happiness. But in reality, you can use muted tones in your home office that don’t distract from the room’s main purpose. The right shade can still put a smile on your face when you sit all day at the desk. A subtle hint and blue and grey can inject tranquillity and order, bringing calm in the midst of a busy day. A delicate rose brings brightness and sweetness to the office without feeling too juvenile (mine is pale pink and dark green)


Walk away at the end of the day


Ultimately, you can’t always blame your home office decor. A fantastic decor can still make you feel miserable if you don’t schedule enough breaks in the day. When you work long hours in the office, it’s not a happy place anymore. It’s a prison cell. So make it a habit to stick to a schedule that respects your work/life balance. You need to recharge emotionally and mentally at the end of the day to start with a smile on your face tomorrow. 


Is there such a thing as a happy home office? We often talk about productive and stylish offices but happiness does play a significant role in your day-to-day life. Build a space that puts you in a good mood. I know mine makes me happy!

How To Make Your Home Office A Happy (Therefore Productive) Place


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