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It has been another great week looking back to the past and remembering the now vintage things we loved when we were younger!  All the photos were posted on our Your Vintage Life Facebook page and you guys shared your memories and added some great comments.

Care Bears

If you were a child of the 70’s you probably didn’t have a Care Bear but 80’s kids loved them and the Saturday morning cartoon.  It taught us to be a bit nicer – not a bad idea for a kids TV.  Tenderheart bear, Funshine bear, Wish bear and Love a lot bear (amongst others) – we love you!

Video tapes

We remembered taping our fave programmes on a videotape, writing their names on the sticky labels and having to rewind them after which took ages…and if you rented a film on video and didn’t rewind it you were in big trouble!  It was all about VHS versus Betamax and whose parents had the best machine…

Space Dust

Yes, its still available today but in the 1970s it was the most amazing thing for kids – and a key party of any selection of penny sweets (although cost a pricely 5p!).  We were sure it must of had radioactive material in it back then as its doesn’t pop half as much now!

Just Seventeen Magazine

We asked you to ‘like’ if you remembered Just 17 – it was so grown up wasnt it!  For girls in the late 80’s it was the magazine to have.  You loved its fashion stories, pop music interviews, general sense of fun and not condescending to it readers.  Oh and its problem pages taught us some things that we didn’t use till we were MUCH older (honestly mum!!!)

Grange Hill

Its seems a lot of us watched Grange Hill in the late 70s and 80’s. It covered some big issues and was funny and sad and cool to watch.  1970’s kids loved Tucker and wanted to be Trisha, 80’s kids loved Zammo (even after he didn’t say no LOL) and wanted to be the gorgeous Jackie.

The mini car

Ah, the original Mini car.  A lot of you had a Mini Mayfair, City or Cooper as your first car and fondly remember it with its cute boot, hinged back windows, basic interior and hard seats…it seems a few of us crashed one too!


Another great week of memories and smiles caused by your recollections.  For more nostalgia make sure to check our Facebook page at 12pm every day – we just love reading your comments and remembering the things we’d fogotten!  ‘Like’ our page for lots more vintage inspiration.


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